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Backend Developer in Paris


40,000 - €55,000
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Job Description

As a backend developer at GitGuardian, you will be part of an early stage team that builds a cutting-edge platform on top of technologies such as Docker, K8s, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Flask… Our backend programming language is mainly Python, but we also run blazingly fast microservices in Golang.

We are daily users of GitLab, Docker, Datadog…

You will work closely with other highly-skilled software developers to build a set of tools that scan GitHub public activity and git private repositories. Your mission is to expose critical leaks within seconds, improve our algorithms to analyze the content of a billion commits a year, and develop web applications to monitor, visualize and alert our clients.

You will help GitGuardian protect the open source community against hackers and make it a robust, scalable and globally trusted product.


About GitGuardian

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