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Job Description

Do you want to be part of a growing startup in the hardware space? Do you want to be involved in the design and implementation of our core platform, and become key in the development of the company? At LastBasic we are bringing the ease of software prototyping to the hardware world to make more product ideas a reality. We are building a platform to connect makers and experts for the development of cost effective and functional hardware prototypes. Come join the team!

What we expect from you is to:

  • Participate in the design, development, implementation, testing and documentation of our core platform and any other related products.
  • Translate functional requirements into robust, scalable, supportable solutions that work well within the overall system architecture.
  • Participate in the full development cycle, end-to-end, from design, implementation, and testing to documentation, delivery and maintenance.
  • Produce comprehensive, usable software documentation. Evaluate and make decisions around the use of new or existing software products and tools.
  • And as we expect to grow in the short-term, mentor other junior development engineers that may join the team.
  • Be a valued member of the LastBasic team and culture.

What we offer:

  • Experience: full-time hire.
  • Product Ownership: The chance to become key in the development of a platform that aims to make hardware prototyping a reality at scale.
  • Generous Compensation
  • Work-Life flexibility: If you meet the deadlines, we don’t care if you prefer working mornings, afternoons, nights or weekends.


    We don’t care your years of experience as long as you have:

    • Knowledge of NodeJS and/or Go
    • Computer science fundamentals, web/cloud/database/algorithm development
    • Experience building with NoSQL databases (such as MongoDB)
    • Experience contributing to Git-based project source codes.
    • Knowledge of microservices, containers, Docker, and AWS cloud development.
    • Experience working with CI/CD tools and DevOps approaches.
    • Experience working in projects with agile methodologies.
    • It would be preferable, but not necessary, if you have some knowledge in frontend development with React.

    And, of course, you need to love Linux and open-source software!


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