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App & UX Developer in Madrid


24,000 - €70,000
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Job Description

About the Company

Do you think that money can be better? Money should help lower or remove entry barriers to the market. Money should be universal. And money should empower your dreams.

At HandCash we are creating a marketplace of apps and games where skills and good content are rewarded, and startups make money since day one.

Although our HQ is in Madrid, our team culture has been built around remote work (definitely is the future!). We are in our Spring, which is the most beautiful and important period as a start-up. Our team of talented, passionate and fearless people is constantly growing and looking for new members. Join us and let’s make a better money for the world!

Founded in 2018, we have become the most innovative and beloved start-up in the current Bitcoin ecosystem. We are a focus-driven company, fearless to break the status-quo by building sophisticated yet simple products.

Our work environment can be very demanding and fast paced, but at the same time we encourage ownership and reward going the extra mile.

It’s time to build and grow together. We believe in learning by doing, and that there is no better classroom than real-world experience. Our three main pillars:
   •    Creative problem-solving: Combine the different perspectives (development, design, marketing, low,...). Solve the most challenging and hardest problems is in our DNA. The hardest challenges are often the most rewarding.

   •    Empowering people: Help start-ups to build new business models based on micropayments. Help content creators and talented people to earn money. Bring opportunities to millions of people around the world.

   •    The team culture of the future: We believe remote jobs are part of the future. It doesn’t matter where you live, our team workflow has been built upon this new lifestyle. 

   ◦    Responsibility based on goals. 

   ◦    No micromanagement.

   ◦    Leadership based on what to do not how to do it.

We envision a world where people are more connected and fairly rewarded. We want to make this dream possible and we need the most bright, ambitious and talented people to join us!

About the Role

We are looking for a talented UX & App Developer (Frontend Developer) to create awesome user experiences in our Flutter apps. The ideal candidate will have strong software development skills and passion for delivering a high quality UX.

Someone with a background in app development with 3+ years of frontend experience, including some experience in Flutter, would make a great candidate.
   •    Experience working with mobile applications.

   •    Experience with Unit and Integration tests.

   •    Knowledge of SOLID principles, Clean Architecture and Clean Code practices.

Nice to have:

   •    A CS degree.

   •    Experience with reactive programming like RXjs, RxSwift, RxJava, RxDart…

   •    Server side coding experience.

   •    Team tools: Trello, Slack and GSuite.

The good stuff

We’re a company full of happy, motivated people and we never want that to change. Here are some more reasons why it rocks to be part of our family.

   •    Remote job positions.

   •    Flexible work environment & hours.

   •    Regular team events, including barbecues every fortnight.

   •    Congresses, workshops and meetups.

   •    Flexible remuneration: subsidized restaurant tickets, transport tickets, healthcare and childcare.

   •    Monthly gym subscription included.

   •    Top Salary conditions at Engineering: Junior 24k-30k, Mid 30k-43k, Senior 43k-55k, Lead 55k-70k.

   •    All the gear you need - just bring yourself.

   •    Obvious, but has to be mentioned - free coffee!


About HandCash

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