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Android Developer in Barcelona


20,000 - €30,000
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Job Description

We seek a creative, team-player, results-driven developer, aimed to work with technology to make people's life easier.
Eelp! wants to improve other's life by taking care of their daily duties, 365 d/y, from the phone.

An Eelper is always ready to take care of every need busy people have. Form taking the car for a wash to pet-sitting a dog to buying stuff. The company integrates and manages all personal services and professionals as glovo, deliveroo, deliberry, joyners.. and coordinates them to allow busy people focus on the duties and have free time for thier family and for themselves.

The company has just released its services in Barcelona, and has great acceptance with customers asking for an average of 5 services ech a month.
Eelp! will open Madrid shortly and plans to go abroad before the end of the year.


1-2 years experience.
Knowledges: Dependency Managers, Unit Testing, API Restful, BDDs, Clean Code, Git.

To work from beautiful Palau de Mar, in Barcelona.


Office within 1 minute walk to the beach, with 5+ km to run and other sports. It is wonderful to have lunch in the sun.. the building has locker rooms.

English required.
S/he has to be ready for an international carrier.
The candidate will join a team of 12.


About Eelp

  • Logistics

Eelp! is a startup that wants to disrupt the personal services arena worldwide.

Eelp! is the first personal mobile full service that manages busy people lives for an euro a day. Our customers delegate any daily need they may have on an Eelper that proposes the best service provider at the best price in every case.

Services asked range from taking the car to the mechanics, to pet-sitting the dog while traveling, sending a physiotherapist home or doing a restaurant reservation. Eelp! aggregates best digital services and continuously seeks best service professionals to partners with.

Official website, founding date, employees, how did it all begin... Do you know the whole story?

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