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3D Graphics & Visualization Engineer in Barcelona


30,000 - €40,000
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Job Description

The engineer will be responsible for researching, prototyping and developing 3D visualization software. You will work with Neuroimaging engineers to show slices and fibers of the brain with augmented information. Additionally, you will develop clinical applications such as pre-surgical planning for Neurosurgeons.

The challenge is to implement sophisticated rendering features with high quality for medical applications. You must be creative and strive to impress users with state-of-the-art visualization techniques that are simply delivered. At the same time, you should be proficient in testing to make sure the product works well in clinical use.


3+ years of experience in 3D programming or Scientific data visualization
Expert of Unity or other 3D graphics engine
Experience in 3D modeling and rendering
Strong coding skills in C++
Solid portfolio demonstrating modern design-savviness
Healthcare industry experience is a plus
Working knowledge of Test tools
Desire to work within an Agile/Scrum framework
Bachelor’s or advanced degree in Computer science, Physics, Biomedical engineering, or related field

What We're Building

We offer a cloud-based platform with data management, advanced analysis, 3D visualization, and sharing - collaboration - capabilities for all neuroimages and related data.
Mint Labs platform employs advanced analytics tools to integrate thousands of images and derived data from patients and characterizes patients based on 1) neurological assessments ; 2) MRI data and 3) biospecimen data. We help researchers and doctors to aggregate all data and seamlessly analyze millions of imaging records with automatic de-identification and standardization, all in one place. Furthermore, it allows for easy Quality Control (QC) features at all levels to keep the data integrity and the reproducibility of results.
The platform can support various aspects of the neuroimaging R&D workflow and collaboration by bringing data and algorithms together in a PHI privacy compliant environment; accelerating the discovery and development of new therapies for neurological diseases.


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