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60,000 - €60,000
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Job Description

Hello! 👋

We're looking for a Senior level Engineer to join in the Payroll Domain.

We want someone who will add positively to the team's culture, being fully remote and multi-cultural.

Payroll Domain 👛

Payroll is a key domain for Factorial's growth, and it's critical to our users too! Our mission is to make payroll effortless for companies: we believe preparing payslips should be a no-brainer with the right tools!

We don't calculate payroll ourselves, but we enable all the actors around the process to get the right data, at the right time and in the right format. Once we've provided it, we let experts do their magic!

To achieve this, we're currently split in 3 teams, with each:

  • 4 to 7 developers,
  • 1 product manager,
  • 1 product designer,
  • 1 engineering manager

Payroll Professionals Team 💼

Inside Payroll, Professionals team is the one in charge that the actors around the payroll generation are aware of all the changes that could affect the payroll calculation and can communicate between them.

A bit more about the team… it’s a diverse team: in gender, culture, seniority and background. Composed of 4 developers (in search of the 5th member!), 1 product manager, 1 product designer & 1 engineering manager.

The Engineering team at large

At Factorial, we have a team of +150 very talented fullstack developers. We look for smart people who are curious, proactive and have good soft/communication skills.

We are not looking for a long list of skills and technologies. Our stack is Ruby on Rails for the backend and React/React-native for the clients, but it’s not mandatory to be proficient in those to be considered (most of the team came with other areas of expertise which is very enriching). We believe that someone who has good aptitudes and is hungry for learning is what works best.

If you’re looking for new challenges in a people-first company regardless where you live, keep reading!

Your profile

  • You are a team player: You are comfortable helping your teammates, sharing your knowledge, reviewing their code and asking for reviews of your own.
  • You have a user-centric mindset: You know that the only reason we write code is to help our users to perform their tasks.
  • You are a learner: you want to improve your skills not only in the engineering field but across any other areas.
  • You are an owner: You like proposing new hypotheses and being responsible for building, deploying and validating them.
  • You love understanding: Breaking down complex problems into basic and shareable elements.
  • You are a polyglot developer: You have experience in several coding languages (especially for backend development), CI/CD tools and cloud technologies.
  • You are a mentor: You love to share your experience and expertise to help others grow.
  • You have a couple of years of experience working as a software engineer.
  • You are comfortable communicating in English.

At Factorial we don't evaluate you by the years of experience you have, we evaluate your knowledge and skills. How? We have a Career Path with a rubric framework where we define what is expected for each experience level and skill. This framework allows you to know at which level you're right now and what you need to keep growing. As we love transparency, our Career Path includes the salaries for each level and we share it during the first interview to make sure we're aligned.

For this senior-level position, the annual gross salary is 60,000€ regardless of your location. This includes a base salary of 51,000€ and a variable pay of up to 9,000€ paid monthly, depending on the company's goals.

We're a remote-first product and engineering team so you can apply from anywhere in the world! If you’re out of Spain, we’ll hire you with Safeguard Global. English is the only language you need.

Your daily life with us

You’ll start with a 2 weeks onboarding period, where you will:

  • You will be learning about Factorial, our product, our team, our clients
  • Pair with each member of the team at least once, to see their current initiatives
  • Solve low-stake bug tickets or quick wins
  • Commit early and often thanks to our cloud dev environment (Gitpod every day all day)
  • Be fully integrated in the team’s rituals from day 1

A Senior engineer at Factorial influences requirements definition with the PM, and is autonomous to deliver a polished solution that matches those. You participate in the team’s decision through Requests For Comments that you write yourself or reading others’.

You will be a product engineer, taking ownership of big initiatives, and being interested in the outcome, not just the output. About the outcome, you’ll also work with your team members to establish goals and plan a quarterly roadmap, putting special attention to the technical needs of our domain.

You will be involved in customer calls to learn about their pains & needs.

You will review code daily and get feedback on your own code at every pull request, from all team members, including juniors.

You will learn from the entire team, both on technical topics (performance, architecture…) and core skills, in an environment driven by engineering quality. You will also mentor junior team members and help them learn from your experience..

Perks of being part of our team

  • Every engineer has a yearly learning budget of 1.000€
  • Flexible working hours: Within range of the typical European timezones (GMT +/- 4), you own your schedule!
  • Full remote flexibility: work from anywhere, employed by Safeguard Global
  • Online language classes available with Yolk Academy

And, if you’re in Spain:

  • Private health insurance with Alan
  • Save on meal/transport with Cobee
  • Save on gym membership and more with Gympass
  • Coworking space available if you are based in Spain, but outside Barcelona.

And when at the office:

  • Syra Coffee and Apeteat discounts.
  • Breakfast, organic fruit, caffeine and theine.
  • Pet-friendly office. 🐶

Is this you?! Come rock the world with us! 🚀  We #betonpeople 💜

About Factorial HR 🤓

Factorial is an company management software fast-growing startup founded in 2016. Our mission is to help companies automate HR workflows, centralise people data and make better business decisions. We currently serve thousands of customers in over 60 countries all over the world and across industries. We’ve built a super diverse and multicultural team of over +600 people in Barcelona, Brazil, Mexico and EEUU offices, in addition to the 150+ engineering team that is spread across the globe.

Do you want to know more about us? We've won awards and received outstanding customer feedback since day one. We’ve recently raised 120M€ in our series C funding, bringing us to unicorn valuation with top international venture capital firms (Atomico, Tiger, CRV, Creandum, K Fund to name a few).

The hiring process

If you apply, here’s what to expect:

  • A first conversation with Raquel, our People Business Partner. It will be about comparing our expectations and making sure we match on a human level.
  • A second conversation with Marina, the team’s engineering manager. Similarly to the first one, this is about making sure you are a fit and can work together.
  • A tech interview with 3 Factorial engineers: that’s a conversation about technology, not an exam or a code review. We’ll ask you to send us a piece of code you’ve written recently and you’re happy with, to use as a basis for the conversation. If you don’t have anything we’ll share some specifications for you to build, but the focus will be on how you think, not the exact code.
  • And that’s it! Feel free to request any other conversation you want, with team members or to address specific concerns at any time in the process.

The whole process is remote, using videoconferencing tools!


About Factorial

  • Human Resources

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 50-200

  • 2016

Discover everything that Factorial has to offer for improving the management of your business and your employees:

- Quickly and easily manage your employees’ holidays and absences

- Easily manage your employee’s hours and know how much time each one works

- Every company and employee documentation in your document management

- A customized space for every employee from where they can manage all their personal information, documents, holidays and other features

- Generate customized reports based on your company data and make better decisions about your workforce and your business

- Assign different managers to your employees and automatically generate your organizational chart

All your HR processes in a single place!

Boost your HR management!

Sign up and start improving the Human Resources management of your business with Factorial.

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