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Senior Software Engineer – Backend in Amsterdam


65,000 - €100,000
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Job Description

About us...
We are currently working hard to build a team of best-in-class engineers. We are looking for developers who are excited about launching new products and join us in building new and innovative software to serve the airline industry. We represent travel industry geeks with decades of experience and like to work with developers who have solid experience in building core services and features from ground up. People who care about the actual product as much as the technology that empowers it.

For years most of us have pioneered in the aviation industry and we are highly motivated to challenge the state of commercial aviation by looking at the problem from a different perspective. Technology is a key driver where by help of intelligence and automation airlines can get better results. We therefore are building solutions which are helping airlines to improve their commercial optimization strategies.

Here are some things you might work on...
* you build REST API's to enable our web application to support the users' workflow (read and update)
* you optimize database interactions using caching, materialized views, indexing and aggregation.
* you integrate and consume data from several different data sources within a highly customer configurable code-base in a scalable way (using tools like Spring Batch)
* you research, prototype and implement processes for intelligent data and scale problems using the best available tools
* you work with a highly motivated team of other developers, participate in code reviews and contribute by sharing engineering practices
* you help securing our application using modern and powerful authentication and authorization technologies like OAuth2, SAML, RBAC/ABAC techniques and ACLs
* you deploy and scale applications as Docker containers in our Kubernetes cluster
* you create IFTTT style workflows using serverless functions and message queues

Your working environment...
You are part of a development team of 12 engineers and which is rapidly growing. This team is the core of our organization and responsible to provide our customers with high-quality software build with craftsmanship. Although being a startup, our leadership team has more than half a century of domain expertise in the travel industry where we have become domains experts in the field of commercial aviation. We value a healthy and fun working environment where courage, trust, adaptability and practicality are one of the core values.

What we are looking for...
Our ideal candidate is result driven. We ship our code as early as we possibly can. Getting betas into customer hands is a top priority. Our goal is to tune our process to customer needs as efficiently and quickly as possible. This means we are set up to fluidly adopt to new requirements and situations as they arise. Process is a tool rather than a goal. This means we don't get hung up if we don't follow the book, but we do value the benefit of having order and structures in place.

As a candidate you have the knowledge and power to operate in a feature-oriented environment. This means you don’t necessarily have to do all the work yourself, but it is your responsibility to make sure the business needs are met all the way into production. As we use a variety of tools, a core part of our engineering philosophy is to use the right tool for the job. Sometimes this means you learn something new, other times you learn others. We really seek for candidates who have a strong background in tools like;
* Java and Kotlin
* Spring Boot, Spring Data REST and Spring Batch
* PostgreSQL
* Docker, Terraform and Kubernetes

Above is an overview of the tools and frameworks which are used today. Familiarity with the tools is a must, but if you know something better, we are definitely open to using another cocktail of tools.

Your candidacy will be evaluated based on the following qualifications;
* Having a proven seniority in backend development. You are capable to add a meaningful perspective in development team meetings to identify the best tool to solve a complex problem
* Having a proven experience in various data architectural design patterns both in a relational and denormalized database design
* Motivation to participate in ongoing learning and growth though pair programming, code reviews, application of new technologies and best practices
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills, both on a professional as well as a social level
* Willingness to take full ownership in managing your projects from inception to production - including the use of testing and automation

What we offer...
We are currently fully operational in startup mode, building for our first set of customer airlines. We have rolled up our sleeves and are in full operating mode as we have secured our required investment. With a rapid growing team we are proud of the process so far, but we realize there are also many things to learn.

We welcome all applicants who are willing to join us in our adventures journey in becoming mature and well-established. For additional information, feel free to reach out to us directly.

We encourage people to directly contact us. Our philosophy is that development is the core engine of our company. We therefore are not interested to having development outsourced or offered on a project basis. All our developers are currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. You have to be eligible to work in the EU to apply for the job.

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