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Senior Backend Developer in Barcelona


40,000 - €55,000
0.01 - 1.0%
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Job Description

Job Description

Job description

Enables Concierge is looking for a Senior PHP developer to become a key member of the Core scrum. The chosen Dev will be responsible for the Development of software functionality, implementation, testing and support.

Essential Skills
Good knowledge of the SOLID principles of OOP and other Object Oriented
design patterns.
Proud of writing Clean Code
Good experience with the TDD/BDD workflow, in real world projects.
Experience using git/github/bitbucket
Experience working with Php 7 or at least 5.6
Familiarity with Agile and Scrum specifically
Good knowledge of relational databases

Good to have:
Experience building REST APIs
Knowledge of DDD & Hexagonal architecture
Knowledge of Event Sourcing & CQRS
Ability to jump occasionally into frontend development if needed
Good level of english.
Knowledge of Ansible, Docker, and the DevOps philosophy
Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Experience with noSQL databases

Perfect If:

DEEPLY UNDERSTANDS what a startup is and what startup mentality is.
Responsible and self-motivated.
Team Player
Practiced in SCRUM methodolgy.
High communication skills.
Kick Ass Ninja.


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