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Senior Backend Developer in Barcelona


35,000 - €45,000
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Job Description

What about this position and what would we like you to bring onboard?

We use Javascript and Python in Picker to build almost everything. We use Node, React, Flask and Django. We work with all types of databases and logging tools! We believe in small codebases, microservices, SOC, tests and automation. And we like to ship often! Your creative and technical input would be valued and it will shape the future of the company.

You will work directly with the CTO of the company taking care of different tasks and projects. We would be a match if you:

3-5 Years experience with Javascript and/or Python.
DevOps knowledge. Experience with building/test/deploy pipelines. EC2, Kubernetes, Docker.
Experience with NoSQL and Relational DBs
Working knowledge of Frontend Frameworks
Are fluent in english.

And yes, we know this is not a letter to Santa Claus but it would be great if you:

Django/Flask experience
Graph DB experience
Frontend skills (e.g. React/Angular)

But what is Picker?

We all know a lot about something, some of us love coffee, some others are make-up junkies, others spend their whole day biking and some other are tech freaks <3

At Picker we bring together your knowledge with amazing stuff, so that your decisions are not for buying more but for buying better.


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