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PHP Backend Developer in London or Remote

42,000 - €77,000
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Job Description

If you’re interested in growing and maintaining a product with a small team that has received funding and signed its first customers then you’re in luck. We’re hiring a PHP programmer!

Who we are

We are a new payment option that allows you to pay for your next holiday trip in monthly instalments.

For the customer, this means removing the barrier of affordability. For the travel brands, they can now offer customers an instalment option without taking on the risk themselves - this boosts their conversions and increases basket size.

We’re a small team based in the Soho area of London. We really want to hire the best person for this role — so we’re not chained to the idea of you being based in London. If you’re in London, that’s great. But if not, no worries. We’re open to working with you from anywhere. In this regard, timezone is probably the biggest factor for us.

Our mission is to help everyone see the world, on their terms. We’re focused on building an approachable, trustworthy company that encourages consumers to be adventurous with their dreams while making smart choices.

The Job

To begin with, you’ll be a one-person team leading our development and product roadmap: writing code, integrating with third parties and working with our travel partners on integrations.

You’ll be involved in making significant decisions for the company. We have our ideas but we also love collaboration. You’ll get to work with the rest of the team to build delightful features that span various parts of the system, as well sales and operations to understand and solve our users’ pain points.

We’re looking for someone with strong passion and background in building successful products; you’re prepared to have a key say when it comes to product decisions; you have exquisite attention to detail; and a bonus would be that you’ve worked in the travel/Fin-Tech space - however, this isn’t key for us.

Initially, you’d begin work as a contractor, to make sure you enjoy working with us and vice versa. Then if we mutually agree it’s a good fit, you’d join us full-time. The plan is to eventually hire another full-time programmer for you to work alongside with. As the company grows, with your help we’d continue to build a team around you. And if things work out well, you’ll grow into the CTO role.

What we’re looking for

We want someone who works fast but smart. Someone who thinks clearly and communicates well. It’s okay if you’re not a pure designer, but it’s great if you have an eye for design. We also love people who are always up for learning and becoming better in everything they do.

We don’t care about what you’ve studied (or if you graduated from university at all), we don’t care about how many jobs you’ve worked at previously. All we care about is what you’ve built. It’s likely you’ve shipped your own product (or several). You might’ve even started your own business (or several!). We appreciate people who know what it means to graft and hustle. Throughout your life, you’ve succeeded because you tend to stick with things longer than most.

You enjoy solving problems. You love building things that help other people. You love the process of taking an idea that’s just written on a sheet of paper and turning it into something real and useful. It’s not just caring about the code, but the ability to step back and see what value this is adding to users.

You’re humble. You never believe you have all the answers and are the first to admit when you’ve made a mistake. You’re always eager to teach or explain something in a way that’s simple and friendly to others.

If you’re interested in working together, please apply for this role. Tell us a little bit about yourself, share your personal story, and include any relevant work and links.



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