Junior / Mid Software Engineer - Platform: Identity team in Barcelona or Remote


30,000 - €40,000
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Job Description

As Factorial continues scaling our mission of boosting the next generation of people-first SMB’s, we’re hiring Junior and Mid Software Engineers to scale our Engineering team from almost 80 to 120 engineers in the following 3 months. We provide organisations around the globe with the best tools, information and knowledge to help their people succeed.

We are not looking for a long list of skills and technologies. Our stack is Ruby on Rails for the backend and React/React-native for the clients, but it’s not mandatory to be proficient on those (most of the team came with other areas of expertise which is very enriching). We believe that someone who has good aptitudes and is hungry for learning is what works best. If you feel more comfortable in one part rather than the other, you can check the different teams we have here and find which is the one that fits you best.

If you’re looking for a new challenge in a people-first company without depending on your location, keep reading to know what are we looking for!


About YOU

  • You like authentication and authorization challenges: You have real experience implementing authentication (SSO, MFA, SAML, etc..) and authorization (RBAC, ABAC) systems.
  • You are a learner: you want to improve your skills not only in the engineering field but across any other areas.
  • You are an owner: You like proposing new hypotheses and be responsible for building, deploying and validating them.
  • You love understanding: Breaking down complex problems into basic and shareable elements and you have evolved concrete implementations to abstractions before.
  • You are a polyglot developer: You have experience in several coding languages (especially for backend development), CI/CD tools and cloud technologies.


At Factorial we don't evaluate you by the years of experience you have, we evaluate your knowledge and skills. How are we doing it? We have a Career Path with a rubric framework where we define what is expected for each experience level and skill we're evaluating. This framework will allow you to know at which level you're right now and what do you need to continue growing in the company.

As we love transparency (it's one of our hiring values), our Career Path includes the salaries for each level and we share it during the first interview to make sure we're aligned. We're considering for this role Senior and Staff levels and the gross annual salary is 55.000€ for Senior Engineers and 70.000€ for Staff ones.

We're a remote-friendly company so you can apply from anywhere in the world and English is our official language so this is the only one you need to succeed at Factorial!


What will YOU be doing?

  • You will start the onboarding with a buddy that will guide you through some non-critical tasks to get used to the codebase.
  • After two weeks, you will get the first initiative that you will do pairing with a colleague.
  • You will participate in weekly meetings with your team to discuss what to work on next and propose new ideas.
  • You will have full ownership (and accountability) of which features to build and how to ship them.
  • You will think of goals with your team members to plan a quarterly roadmap.
  • You will engage in code review for other team members and try to raise the level of your peers.
  • You will learn from and work with a team of extremely experienced developers, in a very quality-oriented environment.
  • You will mentor junior profiles, making sure they learn from your experience.

Know more about our Platform: Identity Management team


As an Junior / Mid Software Engineer in the Identity Management team, you will be responsible for building the foundations for the next authentication and authorization framework for Factorial.

The Identity Management team is new this quarter and consist right now of only two engineers. The purpose of this team is to:

  • Evolve the authorization environment and make Factorial a first-actor in the HR of providing identity for users
  • Enabling companies to have more granular and secure permissions by migrating the simple existent approach towards a complete and reliable permissions system
  • Allow clients to understand what is happening in factorial by evolving an Audit Log / Events engine.

What do we offer?

  • 30.000€-40.000€ Salary (Junior-Mid) regardless of your location.
  • Remote-first work environment, the team is distributed.
  • 1.000€ of annual Learning and Development budget.
  • A safe and diverse environment to grow and make an impact.

About Factorial

  • Human Resources

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 50-200

  • 2016

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- Assign different managers to your employees and automatically generate your organizational chart

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