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VP of Engineering in Madrid


85,000 - €105,000
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Job Description

TOQIO ( provides the tools to change how business banking can be delivered.

Our modular platform enables businesses to easily and efficiently deploy financial solutions to market. TOQIO technology and partner ecosystem help any business, not just banks, achieve everything they need in the financial arena, by allowing them to create and deploy their own financial products, fast and efficiently.

We are looking for an experienced VP of engineering to manage a diverse development team. The responsibilities of a VP of engineering include leading a team of developers and engineers, collaborating with product owners, and improving the technical roadmap.

You should have prior organizational leadership experience, be able to collaborate with team members, and be a strategic problem-solver. You should demonstrate excellent communication skills in English and Spanish, an ability to connect with other engineers and developers, and have a solid foundation in software design.

As a VP of Engineering at TOQIO you will:

  • Personnel management
    • Be managing engineering Leads, serving as the direct supervisor of the technical staff.
    • Lead the team through management and mentorship.
    • Contributing to recruitment activities.
  • Program management and engineering execution
    • Be responsible for ensuring that the product vision is realized through excellence in execution.
    • Develop the team to ensure quality end products.
  • Technical leadership
    • Be responsible for co-developing the technical strategy with the Head of Technology, and for developing and maintaining a technical roadmap that will continue to innovate from a technical standpoint.
    • Develop standards and procedures to ensure that quality standards are met and consistent.
  • Strategy development
    • Be working in an interdisciplinary manner with their peers in other departments as well as the CEO, Head of Technology, and Head of Product to develop company strategy and product strategy.
    • Recommend technological developments and improvements in inefficiency.

Experience required:

  • 6+ years of experience as VP of engineering
  • Strong organizational leadership skills.
  • Excellent documentation and communication skills in Spanish and English (German and French are a plus!).
  • Extensive experience in working with stakeholders to create hiring strategies to develop quality teams.
  • Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms.
  • Must be knowledgeable about industry trends, best practices, and change management.

What we offer:

  • TOQIO. People is one of TOQIO’s main assets. We are building an unique best in class team committed to our core values and based in diversity, sustainability and wellbeing.
    • The team comprises professionals from leading consulting and banking firms, MBA graduates from top business schools, entrepreneurs, young and talented engineers and PhDs.
    • TOQIO’s Founders, Eduardo Martinez and Michael Galvin are successful entrepreneurs and motivated leaders who have been awarded in different fields.
  • The best place to work. We are working hard to become a great family company.
    • Team working: Promoting objective, fact-based and solution oriented discussions.
    • Equality & Diversity: Promoting equality and diversity, encouraging a multicultural environment.
    • Transparent: Communicating feedback transparently, constructively and in real-time.
    • Meritocratic: Striving for excellence and rewarding the best.
  • The best team. We care the most about our team members.
    • Salary proposal for Manager of Engineering. 50.000€ to 75.000€ depending on the candidate’s knowledge and experience
    • Leave Period: 25 holidays days of your election.
    • Phantom Shares Program: We want all team members to really feel part of TOQIO. That’s why after probation time is passed all employees have access to the TOQIO Phantom Shares Program.
    • Flexibility: Working flexibly in the broadest sense, remote working is part of our normal practice at TOQIO but also we offer a Flexible Working Policy. We work up 80% of the time remotely.
    • Access to Health private insurance
    • We are a British company with a Spanish subsidiary. We have central offices in Madrid, London and in the short term we will open a new office in Nairobi.
    • Join an international team with colleagues in Spain, UK, Switzerland, Kenya and India.
  • Awards. TOQIO has received several awards and nominations since we launched in 2018:
    • Early Metrics TOP 30% International recognition 2019
    • Winner of Cuatrecasa Acelera IV 2020
    • Lanzadera Growth Phase Startup 2020
    • Winner on Corporate Category of Open Finance Appathon 2020 (Open Banking Excellence)
    • Finalist Fintech South Summit 2020
    • Fintech Third prize Premios Expansión Startup 2020



  • Fintech

  • London, UK

  • 11-50

  • 2019

Every Company Will Be a Fintech Company. We are enabling any business, not just banks, to create game changing, data driven, finance propositions that can be rapidly deployed to their customers where and when they need it, with a specific focus on SMEs.

Our modular approach lets clients use pre-built TOQIO products to easily create personalised applications to power their propositions. We have initially developed 3 products which can be configured to deploy innovative whitelabel Business Finance Applications and change the way business banking is deliverer to their customers;

Digital Banking, the simplest, quickest and most efficient way to deploy a full digital banking proposition to the market

Marketplace: Our customers are able to access a range of pre-integrated technologies and services to deliver a better overall financial experience;

Business Intelligence: Powerful APIs connected to accounting, banking and other financial applications giving us a wealth of SME customer insight, and allow us to automate the delivery of financial products.

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