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VP of Engineering in Barcelona


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REX is an online exchange venue for SMEs to obtain financing for their trade receivables from professional investors. We’re disrupting the stale and costly factoring market by allowing the parties to trade without middlemen and giving birth to a new 40 trillion USD asset class, the Exchange Traded Receivables (ETRs). Founded in 2014, AREX has become of the most audacious FinTech companies in Europe with a massive vision; to democratise business finance and empower the undercut SMEs.
We’re now looking for a firecracker VP of Engineer, looking to immerse themselves in ramping-up and managing our engineering culture & team with and outset of becoming a co-founder at AREX.

You have:
- The entrepreneurial gene – either you have started and ran your own company, have successfully sold and delivered big impact projects to your customers, have reorganised and re-engineered business processes within an existing organisation or something on similar scale. You make things happen instead of wondering why things happened.
- The horse-whisperer – you understand that people are behind all beautiful things man ever made. You thrive on working with people in a multivariate team and you leverage social aspects to orchestrate individual and group efforts. You have a natural talent to coach, mentor and persuade people to give their utmost for getting their jobs done while maintaining an upbeat and inspiring atmosphere.
- The rationalist – you take great pride in developing a surrounding that is predictable. It’s easy for you to understand which processes are must-haves for a smooth operating environment and which are overkills that should be axed. You continuously fine-tune the process harness and seek simple, proven and elegant solutions to keep the focus on delivery capability at all times.
- The juggler – you have previous experience how to manage crisis situations, you know how to put the action plan together as you go, you know how to understand the scope and impact of the situation, you know how to distinguish what needs an immediate fix and what can be fixed later.
- The catalyst – you have achieved impossible tasks that very few thought can be done, you have managed to overcome sudden obstacles that at first seem insurmountable, you know how to inspire people to deliver in excellence under extremely demanding conditions.

You share our values:

- Customer - you understand that the business only exists to serve its customers and align your decisions accordingly.
- Teamwork - you value teamwork and understand that you should go together if you intend to go far.
- Goal-Oriented - you are extremely goal-oriented and find ways to achieve your goals even if everything is constantly changing around you.
- Flexible – you value all ideas and make sure the best idea wins. You are flexible to re-evaluate your goals every once in a while.
- Life-long learning – you realise that there are always better and more efficient ways of doing things.

Your skills:

You have at least one excellent skill besides being good at managing people and projects. Wow us in any, aspire to master all:
- Programming - you have at least 3 years hand-on experience in any major computer languages and good knowledge of databases.
- Working with numbers - you can quickly gather, analyse and make right conclusions based on data. You can present your findings in a simple story without overloading your audience with details unless requested.
- Payment Integrations - you know inside out how banks operate internally and how to build integrations with different banking and payment channels.
- Financial Data Processing - you know what it actually means to build software that keeps track of real money. You constantly think about security, risks, data integrity, data consistency and bulletproof processes.

We provide:

- Autonomy - you can work with your team autonomously towards your goals.
- Independence - you can decide yourself how to achieve the goals and prioritise between your actions.
- Smart colleagues – you can work with the best people in the industry and be inspired by how all your colleagues share your values.
- Ambition – we never let a notional role obstruct ambition. There’s no preset script for your career within AREX, it’s your responsibility write one and execute it.
- Support – working directly with the founders allows you to get answers and required decisions passed with little latency.


We offer you a position in one of the most audacious FinTech startups in Europe and a chance to become a part of something truly unique and challenging.

It goes without saying that you’ll be a part of a fun, friendly atmosphere, with plenty of opportunities to grow personally and professionally. You’ll get a competitive salary, flexible work hours and a minimum of 24 days paid leave a year.

Becoming part of AREX means tagging along in ownership, because we believe that a shared upside is a true upside. We offer you an ownership package that is sure to keep you amped to the max.


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