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VP of Engineering in Barcelona


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Job Description

We created Amenitiz because we believe technology is the key to making success and profitability accessible to every hotelier in the world - whether they are in the heart of Paris or the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia.

Our mission is to build an all-in-one platform to help owners manage and grow their properties by making attracting guests, handling bookings and crafting exceptional experiences, simple and easy.

Growing over 4x in 2020 and backed by some of Europe's leading investors, Amenitiz is one of the fastest-growing company in the Hospitech world. 1'500 properties all over the globe are using Amenitiz daily to develop their business, and we're looking forward to helping 10'000 by the end of 2022.

Job Description

Here at Amenitiz, we're growing (really) fast! We're looking for a kick-ass VP of Engineering who will implement and nurture an exceptional engineering culture to attract, motivate and develop A-Players while establishing processes and tools to tackle the right technical challenges to help our business thrive. As such, your responsibilities will be very diverse :

Strategic responsibilities

  • Work together with the product team on developing our product and engineering roadmap.
  • Planning on our platform opportunities prioritizing actions to maximize business outcomes.
  • Define objectives and establish the right team structure to achieve them.
  • Drive recruiting strategy in partnership with the TA team.
  • Create an engineering culture and brand that enables us to recruit and engage top talent in our technical challenges.
  • Serve as a member of the leadership team, helping the CEO and other executives with strategic planning.

Operational responsibilities

  • Own our technological capabilities, ensuring scalability, 24/7 reliability, data integrity and quality with an exponential growth mindset.
  • Building clear processes, rituals and cadence that generate quick iterating, deployment and feature development to meet customer needs.
  • Build a strong team by engaging our key talents, helping current members upskill and hiring high-performing A Players as needed.
  • Lead the engineering department through architecture and processes, getting the team ready for fast scale.

Here's what's exciting about the role :

  • This role is highly strategic, and you will report to the CEO & join Amenitiz leadership team.
  • The opportunity to have a significant impact on one of the fastest-growing Hospitech startup.
  • The possibility of scaling a team, recruiting and picking A-Players to join you in our mission.
  • Even if most companies are saying the same, we're confident that we have one of the best team in Barcelona, and it will be your job to take care of those great people!

Preferred Experience


  • Proven track record of success as VP, Director or Head of Engineering or equivalent role within at least 1 successful software company (ideally SaaS, B2B) that scaled fast over 2+ years.
  • Business acumen & Valued Contributor to the Executive Team:
    • You think as a CEO and act as VP of Engineering.
    • You spend time across the entire organization and build relationships to understand the ins and outs of the whole business.
  • Culture programmer:
    • You are an advocate of the key role culture plays in business success, team engagement and performance.
    • You have the ability to identify key processes, opportunities and touchpoints where engineering culture becomes alive.
    • You can share and transfer engineering culture assets to non-tech-teams of the company.
  • You are the manager with whom engineers want to work with:
    • You have the right amount of technical skills to earn respect from the team.
    • You are a listener, able to collect insights and relevant information from your team to make the best decisions possible.
    • You are able to construct the right culture and vision for the engineering team to recruit and engage A class engineers.

No go

  • No relevant experience. We're looking for someone who has experience building and leading a successful engineering team with a strong culture (happy, autonomous, and hard-working). We don't mind if you've managed a team of 5 or 50, as long as the platforms you've been building have been scalable and your leadership style is well-respected, authentic, and innovative.
  • You don't like to get your hands dirty. We have huge ambitions, but we're still a small company, so we need someone who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves to get the job done.
  • You don't like working with great people. That's unlikely, but just in case we thought we'd mention it ;)

Recruitment Process

  1. Applicant validation, how well will you match with the job and your team is essential to us at this stage; we don’t want to waste your time!
  2. A video screening (45-60 mins) to assess cultural fit and alignment on objectives
  3. Business case presentation & deep dive in your previous experience
  4. Meet some of our investors & advisors
  5. Final meeting with the CEO


About Amenitiz

  • Hospitality

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 11-50

  • 2017

Amenitiz is a fast-growing SaaS startup based in Barcelona and servicing over 1'500 customers in 24 months. Backed by top tier investors, Amenitiz is revolutionizing Hospitality software by centralizing all the hotelier needs in a single platform (website builder, PMS, channel manager, payment system and much more).

We’re passionate and ambitious about our mission and aim to promote a culture that cares deeply about its customers.

In spite of the current global pandemic, we’re continuously growing and adapting to the situation, our team continues to rise stronger and that’s where you come in!

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