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UI development for file sharing, social network, and encrypted messaging service in Barcelona or Remote


12,000 - €75,000
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Job Description

I am looking for someone to help with the frontend development. We are actually developing a Google Drive like service but using exclusively Javascript and Electron. The service also includes a social network and an encrypted messaging service. All that requires UI improvement.

Please consider that we are only going to use Javascript, jQuery and CSS. No AngilarJS or any other framework as it would require to rebuild all the code.

Not interested on outsourcing companies. Please do not contact me if you are not independent.
I offer the possibility to be mostly retributed based on the company's brute incomes (which are publicly available by law). We would sign a contract and you would be co-owner of the code you develop and will be retributed in perpetuity based on the incomes that the company gets and the valuation of your contribution. I can also pay a minimal wage if required, but unfortunately not a SV-like wage. So, the final wage has no upper limit.
If your work is sustained in time and you are interested, we could then negotiate equity for you.
I can give you further explanations if you contact me.

What We're Building

The cloud is the future. There is no doubt about that.

But still privacy is an entry barrel for many companies.

We brake the privacy barrel to enter the cloud. Our patented technology lets organizations be in control of their data
without fearing hacker intrusions or ilicit government interferences, and without needing to trust us for doing that.

The global cloud market is growing at 16% annually and it’s estimated to be more than $200 billion this year
We don’t need to invent anything. We can hire already experienced people on this market.
And we will have better acquisition and retention rates with customers sensibilized with privacy and security.


About Oficloud

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