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Tech Leader in Barcelona

The Colvin Co

30,000 - €35,000
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Job Description

Join The Colvin Co team, the start-up that wants to change how people buy flowers online!

For us it is clear that talent is the key for success and that’s why we want you to be an important part of it. We need you to help us build the best platform and services for our users! We are just kicking-off and need you as our Tech Leader, to jump into this adventure and build a great company with us.

You’ll be here to hire and build the tech team, implement integrations with 3rd party providers, lead the launch of our mobile application in 2017 and work to improve the responsiveness and reliability of all our platforms. Moreover, you’ll lead the creation of new customer-facing features, from idea, through prototype, to release and maintenance.

That’s why we need to act like a leader and a man of all hats inside the tech team. You’re a full-stack engineer with experience working on a wide variety of products and even leading a team, product-obsessed who evaluates all of your work through the lens of user experience, regardless of which layer of the stack you’re working in. You’ve created a number of fully-formed software products, working both on the back-end and the front-end, which have been released into the wild. You believe that code is a means to an end, not the end itself.

Technical background:

1. You should have experience in building e-commerce software and scalable software from day one.
2. Our backend runs on Woocommerce with MySQL on external servers. You should have experience with Woocommerce and migrating from it to a scalable and maintainable services.
3. You should have a deep understanding of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
The glue between our front-end and back-end is HTTP, so you should have a thorough understanding of this part of the stack including: cookies, caching, AJAX, cross-domain sharing, security issues, etc.
4. You should be passionate about testing since you know it’s the only way to deliver high quality software.


1. Fast-paced and young environment, where all new ideas count and add value to the project.
2. Autonomy and responsibility from day one.
3. Be part of the equity team for the next start-up that Spanish and European media will talk about, backed by expert investors and renowned advisors
4. Flexible schedule, we just want to build the best products and services as fast as we can.
5. And obviously, discounts to buy your flowers (start making your loved ones happy…).

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