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Tech Lead (React, Redux, AWS, PHP) in London


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Job Description

Truly is a firm believer that people would rather create amazing memories through experiences than by collecting more stuff. We’re a marketplace for the finest and most authentic experiences, focussed on London right now but we also work with suppliers around the globe.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic, hands-on software engineer to help us continue to accelerate our growth through continual improvement to our online shop, CMS, booking platform, supplier tools and the use of all the underlying data that gives us our edge.

As the tech lead you will play a key role in the decision-making of the directions Truly takes, alongside the CEO. We make fast (reversible) decisions and execute quickly so that we can learn quickly. What we build is just as important as how it’s built.

We have a small team right now but a lot of opportunities! You’ll help us focus on the most impactful improvements that enable us to scale - product innovations that drive conversion improvements, reducing friction and cost-to-serve and exploring valuable partnerships. Your responsibilities and rewards will scale as Truly does.

The sole development team is cross-functional, working in a self-guided, efficient, agile process that is designed to continually improve the product and the process. There are 3 devs, 1 UX/UI designer and 1 product owner.

At our current size your duties encompass the following:

* Delivering product improvements that directly lead to significant value this year
* Working with the product owner on the roadmap, backlog and sprint planning
* Hands-on implementation with the development team
* Architecting solutions
* Managing, mentoring, paring with and guiding the developers in the team
* Growing the team by hiring as soon as the opportunity arises
* Ensuring the timeliness of what the team is delivering
* Ensuring the quality of what the team delivers
* Communicating with the wider team on direction, learnings and progress.
* Responsibility for infrastructure stability, monitoring and recovery
* Responsibility for security of Truly’s data and services
* Responsibility for data warehousing and tooling

The current technical setup makes use of AWS Lambda services and React and Redux on the front-end as modern development tools that are gradually replacing parts of the existing legacy PHP Magento 1.9 ecommerce site, which is old and frustrating but has been robust enough to process more than £6m to date. There is a continuous integration and deployment system in place along with a healthy test suite and comprehensive documentation. What more could you ask for?

Finally, working with us you will get to try out some amazing experiences!

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