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Tech Lead in Barcelona


70,000 - €80,000
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Job Description

Experience in designing and building Microservices architectures, and modularised systems
• 5 + years’ experience in software development and 2 years software design experience
(negotiable for the right aptitude and experience)
• Implement proven technical leadership strategies and team leadership
• A generalist where coding languages and frameworks are concerned, however ideally
proficient in projects using GO and node.JS backend and current front end frameworks.
• SQL DB design and development – PostgreSQL and MySQL in particular.
• Demonstrable ability to select appropriate tech stacks for relevant applications and design
their implementation strategies
• Be able to critically analyse solutions and apply a deep technical knowledge in system design
and improvement, covering green fields and brown fields projects.
• Experience with system security design and considerations, or alternatively possess the
ability to lead consultants in this area
• Understanding of systems automation testing practices, or the ability to lead
a team in this area
• AWS implementations and platform design experience or knowledge, devops knowledge
• Knowledge of and experience in DDD and BDD, or other valid preferences for other design
approaches and principles
• Dedicated to building robust and stable systems with longevity and resistance to inevitable
change in industry and business requirements.
• Experience in guiding and coaching teams through implementations of ideal coding practices
and project design.
• Proficient in code management, branching strategies, SDLC and review of work quality and
compliance with agreed standards.
• Extensive Agile experience, scrum and Kanban in particular, and strong understanding of the
efficacy these processes bring to the software development projects.
• The ability to communicate well with technical colleagues and team members
• Ability to motivate and energise a team, particularly in terms of technical direction, change,
or learning
• Encourage a culture of learning and failing without blame
• Display the ability to work effectively with external consultants and specialists when needed
by the project, and to identify when this is the best approach.
• Excel at clear communication of requirements across all levels of the organisation from
development team through to founding team.
• Fluent in English and be capable of clear communication of requirements and reliable
assessment of the quality of their work.
• Enjoy the start-up culture and accept the risks that can bring, with the great reward it offers
in return.

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