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40,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

We are a new born venture builder, focused on building new businesses, trying to revolutionise the related industries using the benefits of Decentralised Ledger Technologies (DLT) and Blockchain.

We see blockchain, smart contracts as a meta-technology with a huge potential and real applicability. Based on our experience on Banking, Regulation, Product management and Software development we will try to shape the future.

To be able to reach our goals, building the right team is the base for success. A good venture will be consequence of having the best performing team. We are creating an environment where you can get your maximum potential, where people matters and where transparency is on the ADN.

Position in Madrid -  Boadilla del Monte.


  • Your attitude will determine our altitude. Building new ideas, based on complex technologies and industries, will be challenging. The team is key for success and your ideas, positivity and group focus, will make the difference.
  • We are interested in your knowledge but your capacity is more important for us. There are tons of technologies around… The way you tackle and use them, will make the difference. We are trying to get the right balance between attitude and aptitude.
  • Research and learning capabilities. Blockchain space is very new and is evolving very fast. Staying on the trends is key, to help us to make the right decisions.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology and app development experience is very welcome! … But Don’t worry if you have no idea. We will teach you what we know, and learn together. Ethereum, Quorum and Hyper-ledger will be our base platforms.
  • You think that understanding the business domain, language and opportunities is key to define the best solutions.
  • Minimum 8 years experience Systems management and Software development.
  • 3+ years experience devops cultures, production environments.
  • You are or willing to be, a language polyglot, due the importance of getting the best of different technological stacks to create good solutions.
  • Proven experience on complex architecture design and development, and system integration. High load platforms management experience is a plus.
  • Microservices on production experience.
  • Agile development experience with Lean, Scrum, XP
  • Relational and Non relational database design and management experience.
  • Deep knowledge of Docker, and cluster management: ECS, Kubernetes, or Swarm.
  • Proven experience with monitoring, alerting tools. Prometheus would be nice and Cloudwatch, influx, ELK very welcome.
  • Devops, and continuous delivery mindset
  • Deployment pipelines experience, Git, github, gitlab, travis-ci
  • Linux/Unix Master
  • AWS proven experience. GCE and/or Microsoft Azure is a plus
  • Terraform experience. Cloudformation, ansible, puppet, chef are very welcome.
  • Continuous integration and deployment know how


  • 12 factor app practitioner
  • You are passionate about automation.
  • Systems and software security experience / focus.
  • High traffic queue bases systems management. Amqp, SQS
  • Fintech, Regtech proven experience.
  • Event driven architectures design experience.
  • ethereum and blockchain networks experience
  • SRE experience and mindset
  • Configuration management implementation knowledge


  • Challenging projects and environment.
  • Innovation and build new business with your own hands.
  • Flat organisation and short decision paths.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Remote working (Based on team needs). We are challenge oriented.
  • Gross Sallary: 40 - 50K (based on profile).
  • Social benefits: Meal tickets, medical insurance and others.
  • 25 vacation days.
  • 2 free days for conference/courses + Budget.

About ioBuilders

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