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SysAdmin/DevOps in Barcelona


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Job Description

We are looking for a Sysadmin/DevOps based in Barcelona, experienced both in AWS Cloud and common IT services (VPN, networks, etc). Interested in improving, maintaining, and developing new cloud application and dockerized applications on AWS (Ci/CD pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes Clusters, etc), cloud networking administration (CDN, static content storage, etc), VPN (IPSec site-to-site) configurations, deployments, and many SaaS integrations, all in Artificial Intelligence environments related with Natural Language Processing, serving and processing near 5 Billion requests per day, across many Cloud production clusters spread across 7 AWS regions worldwide.

You’ll be part of our team, working hard with our great clients, and have a major hand in building very successful features for Inbenta. Leading customer integrations and on-premises tasks. We always work on interesting projects and we have a good time doing them. We usually work in a team, and this allows us to learn every day from other co-workers.

We are looking for a candidate who likes to take requirements to improve the platform and give some advice about how to improve our ideas, and how to be more effective.

If you would like to feel like you’re the projects you are working on, and if you are interested in developing your career, we would like to hear from you!


Your main responsibilities will be

  • Work-based on Agile methodology.
  • Hand to handwork and support to frontend and backend developer teams.
  • Design, create, maintain and monitor new SaaS Application Container Clusters.
  • Implement, maintain and improve CI/CD and deployment pipelines, from git repositories to all environments/stages deployments depending on the development procedures.
  • Monitor application metrics, errors, debug logs, and uptime. Be the developer’s “eyes” on the Cloud infrastructure side.
  • Do tech reviews before creating new infrastructure requirements for new SaaS features.
  • Take ownership of development features/needs that require/interact with infrastructure, from its requirements (involved at an early beginning through technical reviews) to live/production implementation.
  • Supervise development features to be privacy/secure by design since early stages.
  • Manage all application-infrastructure dependencies and permissions (third party API access, DataBase visibility, and permissions, etc)
  • Focus on privacy and security. You’ll be involved in initial and periodical security audits with our partner in cybersecurity.



  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject (Telecommunications, Mathematics, Physics).
  • Languages: Spanish and Catalan native, English fluent (at least First Certificate Level).
  • 1+ year (required) AWS Cloud knowledge demonstrable (SysOps/DevOps/Solution Architect certification appreciable).
  • 2+ years (required) of Linux-based systems administration LPIC-101/102 level demonstrable (not necessary certification) LPIC 2+ level appreciable.
  • Docker Engine Knowledge (Docker machine, Kubernetes, etc appreciable.
  • Basic SQL language knowledge, basic MySQL 5.6-8 knowledge.
  • Experience with Git + CI/CD jobs and pipelines.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Linux/*NIX-like OSs.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of IT infrastructure operations and management (networking, VPN IPSec, Firewalls, Systems monitoring, backup systems).
  • Demonstrable Python/Bash scripting, PHP appreciable
  • Passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop new bold ideas.


 What do we offer?

  • A full-time position based in Barcelona city center (with the option to work fully remote).
  • A multilingual and multicultural environment.
  • Working with a multi-skilled team of software architects, computational linguists, and UX specialists using the latest methodologies like Scrum.
  • Good work-life balance and a flexible schedule.
  • AWS Certifications.
  • Work along with our AWS Enterprise team, part of the AWS Partner Network, and our Cybersecurity Partner.
  • Work in a very large web environment across 12+ AWS accounts and 7 regions across the works processing 4.5+ Billion user questions per day.
  • Enjoy working in different countries with our Exchange Program in Barcelona, Silicon Valley, Brazil, France, and Japan, exclusive for employees.
  • “Ticket Restaurant”, “Ticket Transporte” or “Ticket Guardería”.
  • Team-building activities and parties.

About Inbenta

Inbenta is a company specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing which was born in Barcelona and nowadays has presence in 8 different countries (Spain, USA, Chile, Brasil, Mexico, France, The Netherlands and Singapore).

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