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Sr Front-end Engineer in Barcelona

Antai Venture Builder

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Job Description

The Company:

Antai Venture Builder is an international online and mobile venture builder. Our venture is to
analyse the market in search of businesses with proven success, and once we identify them,
we help them grow into other markets.
To make this possible, we select the best-prepared professionals and embark on a joint
venture with them, accompanying them through a comprehensive service: business
development, business intelligence, financial and legal advice, providing the means and the
search for and hiring of the necessary personnel. This implication is what differentiates us
from many other venture builders.
At Antai, our goal is to convert ourselves into the leading venture builder for digital
businesses in Southern Europe and Latin America, launching companies with great agility
and rapid scalability. The result? New companies that, due to their focus on business and
the services that they offer the consumer, have an impact on society, changing the way that
people consume and relate to each other.
We are excited to think that we can change the status quo of everyday life. And above all,
we are excited to know that we have pillars to anchor ourselves to achieve that goal.
See our companies portfolio in
Our rate of growth means that we are in constant search of new professionals. We seek out
people with talent and who wish to embark on a new venture that will be sure to be
fascinating. Are you one of them?

The Offer:

Antai Venture Builder is creating a core team of skilled developers to work on ideas that can
be turned to the next Startup.
As a senior frontend engineer you will be responsible for everything related to the frontend
architecture of the projects: defining and implementing frontend best practices using modern
tools and libraries, build and deployment processes and of course the coding (markup and
JS) needed to bring the prototype alive.
We want to create a prolific, friendly and virtuous software factory where we can move fast
as a Team and have a great time prototyping MVPs that could turn to the next cool Startup!

What we require:

* You have at least 3 years of proven experience as a Frond-end developer, ideally working
on high traffic web sites (> 1M request/day)
* You are a team player and love to work in an agile environment. Your nickname is “Lean”
* You are a HTML5 and CSS3 master and know how to turn PSD files in awesome
w3c-compliant code.
* You are a perfectionist, meticulous and care for the smallest detail. You follow good
practices in optimizing front-end code and assets (CSS sprites, “minify” files, visible content
prioritization, js/css packing and the correct automation tools needed for the job).
* You relentlessly follow good practices in writing semantic and valid HTML according to w3c
specs. You are up-to-date on the state of the art of modern frontend web development
(coding standards, tools, packaging/deployment utilities) and usability trends.
* You are up-to date with Javascript tooling hell (Babel, Flux) and its dialects (JSX,
Typescript, Coffeescript)
* You are a friend of Javascript and you jumped to the ES6 world knowing its legacy:
constructor functions, prototypes, object literals, when to use the new or the var keywords,
variable scoping, use of apply(), bind() and call(), prototypal inheritance, closures and
anonymous functions. The books “Javascript: the good parts” and “Secrets of the JavaScript
ninja” permanently lie on your nightstand. The DOM has no secrets to you: CSS
selectors/XPath, event listeners, XMLHttpRequest, AJAX, Websocket/EventSource
* You have experience with modern SPA development with React/Redux or Angular2+
* You are aware of the internals of the HTTP cache models and how to fine tune them to
optimize assets and content distribution. CDN, Etag, cache-control, cache busting do not
sound greek to you.
* Git proficiency with remotes, interactive rebase, cherry-pick, annotation tagging, plumbing
commands. You can issue a push --force with no risk of PTSD
* You work comfortably with Linux or MacOS X and using a bash shell with GNU tools
makes you happy.

It would be great if you also:

* Know how to write isomorphic Javascript
* Know some web development framework such as Symfony3
* Are comfortable with the Fork-and-Pull-request workflow in GitHub
* Are interested or know more “backend” programming languages (like Python, Ruby, Java

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