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Software Perception Engineer in Barcelona

Scaled Robotics

Est. Salary
30,000 - €45,000
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Job Description

We are seeking a Software Perception Engineer to join our small fast-paced team working on developing robots for the construction industry, creating innovative solutions to real-world construction problems. Our projects offer the opportunity to bring ideas to market and play a key role in decisions that will shape the direction of construction robotics.

The ideal candidate would be comfortable in the lab and in the field testing there work on live construction sites. Communicating with experts and laymen to solve challenging problems every day. With hands-on experience working with robotic systems, a strong software engineering background and experience programming in C++ and Python.

We are an easy going, diverse and hardworking team and want to hear from you if you are excited about bringing robots to a whole new industry.



  • Implement 3D SLAM with data from actuated LIDARs and RGBD Cameras.
  • Develop real time 3D reconstruction techniques for mobile platforms
  • Develop algorithms for sensor fusion
  • Integrate 3D SLAM with larger robotics navigation and manipulation software.
  • Oversee onsite evaluation and testing.
  • Take initiative and push the systematic evaluation of algorithms


  • Masters/PhD in Robotics or Computer Vision with experience in SLAM and 3D reconstruction; alternatively comparable industry career.
  • 3+ years experience developing algorithms for SLAM (SLAM, fast SLAM, graph SLAM), pose estimation, visual odometry, probabilistic filtering and sensor fusion.
  • Experience working with nonlinear optimization and optimizers for SLAM (CERES, g2o).
  • Knowledge in Machine Learning, Bayesian Filtering, Information Theory and 3D Geometry.
  • Experience working with wide variety of 3D sensors: Actuated LIDARs, RGBD Cameras, stereo cameras, and TOF cameras.
  • Experienced Object Oriented Programmer in C++ and Python.
  • Experience with commonly used packages PCL, ROS, Gazebo, OpenCV.
  • Experience with version control (specifically GIT).
  • Experience developing in Linux.
  • Publications at top robotics conferences (RSS, ICRA, IROS) or 3D Vision and CV conferences (3DV, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV) in related areas.
  • Goal oriented self starter, analytical thinker, excellent team player, strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Bonus: knowledge of GPU programming.
  • Bonus: Open Source Software development and deployment.

  • Hardware

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