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Job Description

We’re hiring a Tech Lead to join our team. You will be collaborating directly to our CTO, Charles, to shape both the team and platform while we get ready for scale. Together with other members of our Tech Lead Community, you will ensure engineering excellence for our team of 14 engineers.

TheyDo is a fully remote SaaS B2B organisation, pioneering a brand new category in software: Customer Journey Management. In December, we announced our ‘Series A’ funding round at €12M. Our angel investors include executives from Intercom, Miro, Remote, Amplitude, and more. We serve enterprise customers like Google, IBM, Cisco, Atlassian, and Adidas.

We’re a small but mighty team, and in 2023 we will triple our headcount. We love TypeScript and use typed NodeJS codebases with GraphQL, Apollo, AWS, ECS, Postgres, Redis, ElasticSearch, Temporal, websockets, microservices, and an event-driven architecture.

What you will do

You like to get things right, a pragmatic perfectionist who will continuously shape our application architecture and make it ready to scale. You understand the right balance between code readability, simplicity, development speed, performance, and maintainability.

Your top priority is shaping the architecture of our product and getting it ready for scale. You'll work on some of the technically ambitious projects we have planned. The areas where you’ll make an impact include:

  • Tackling our most technical problems and help prioritise and steer architecture decisions

  • Developing in-depth expertise and ownership in several domains of our application and infrastructure

  • Ensuring engineering excellence for our team, by upholding coding standards, defining operational processes

  • Creating and approving technical design documents defining our platform's architecture and reviewing code

  • Recognising a good solution when you see one, and explaining its merits to other stakeholders, including engineers, managers or customers

  • Taking an active role in hiring for our engineering team, setting a high bar and knowing what ‘great’ looks like

  • Realizing integrations with a wide ecosystem - Miro, Figma, Google Analytics, Salesforce, BigQuery, Snowflake, etc. - and managing the scale that comes with that

  • Work on the AI features that will redefine how our customers manage and uncover insights in their data

  • Transitioning our modular monolith into the first microservices

  • Making retrieval of our data graph performant by optimising queries and introducing caching

What you won't do

  • Do standups and get tickets assigned. We believe in self-managed workers who know what to work on next

What we’re looking for

  • An engineer who knows what it means to scale and maintain a fast-growing platform, has experience in effective continuous deployment and realising a great developer experience

  • An engineer who enjoys working in a TypeScript-based codebase and who writes well-structured and maintainable code

  • Someone who has extensive experience working with data systems, and recognizes its bottlenecks and pitfalls

  • An engineer who wants to be at the foundation of a fast-growing team and knows how to balance quality with velocity

  • A product-minded engineer that wants to understand how people use our product and why

  • An asynchronous worker who organises and documents their work

    What we offer

  • Competitive compensation and 'Series A' pre-IPO equity - we like to give our employees ownership with our stock package. When TheyDo succeeds, we all succeed

  • Fully remote working with flexible hours - we're staunch advocates for autonomy and flexibility. Work from anywhere in Europe, + or - 2 hours CET

  • Company events - we regularly connect in-person to strategise, reflect or simply have fun. Our most recents offsites were held in Belgium and the Netherlands

  • Flexible holiday days - we love what we do, and equally love taking a break. We expect you to take a minimum of 25 days per year (in addition to public holidays)

  • Professional development reimbursement - we value learning and are happy to support you with books/conferences/courses that will benefit you in your role

  • Mental health/wellness reimbursement - we support you in looking after your body/mind (meditation, mindfulness, or a yoga/gym membership, up to €30 p/m)

  • Paid parental leave - we'll provide financial support and time off for you to bond with the newest little members of your family (6 months for the primary carer, and 6 weeks for the secondary carer - fully paid)

  • Home office or co-working support - we offer everyone the choice of home office reimbursement (one-off, up to €1,000) or co-working support (up to €300 p/m)

  • Latest Tech & Tools - Macbook Air, Pro or laptop, we want you to have the equipment that you’re most comfortable with. We use tools such as Gather, Slack, Notion, Loom, G:Suite and naturally TheyDo to work collaboratively and asynchronously

  • Continuous growth of our benefits package as we continue to grow in size

To summarise, we value work-life harmony backed by personal freedom under responsibility. Sounds like fun? We're looking forward to having you join our team.

To any recruitment agencies, we appreciate you would like to support us but we do not accept any unsolicited CVs or introductions.

About TheyDo

Our core values are the driving force behind every decision we make.

We ‘Journey together’ along a path of collaboration and synchronization. In everything we do, we ‘Own it’, never shying away from taking action or making decisions. Our ‘Cloaks off’ mentality ensures that transparency and integrity reign supreme. Moreover, ‘Customer Fueled’ innovation is at the heart of our work, as we know that the success of our product is directly linked to how we involve our customers in the process.

TheyDo is an equal opportunities employer. Our customers are diverse, and we believe our organisation should be, too. We nurture an inclusive culture where everyone feels equally important, no matter their background or status. We will never discriminate on the grounds of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, education, or race.

If you are a woman or part of an underrepresented group, we encourage you to apply. Even if you don’t check every box — your skills and perspective could be just what we need to succeed. We value diversity and know you bring something unique to the table!


About TheyDo

  • Saa S

  • Amsterdam, The Neetherlands

  • 11 - 50

  • 2018

For the Service Designers and Managers of experience-led, customer-centric companies, TheyDo is the most collaborative Journey Management platform ever made.

For people who believe the only way to deliver a great customer experience is to work as one, it helps them to align twice as easy as before, and maintain alignment for the first time in years.

Unlike mapping tools, TheyDo is designed to manage journeys across teams, products and geographies, and everything takes place in a unified journey-centric framework.

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