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Software Engineer (ShuttleCloud) in Madrid

Shuttle Cloud

30,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

About us

ShuttleCloud is software company established in 2010. We help companies with large user bases increase user growth & engagement by enabling their users to import data such as email and contacts from hundreds of providers.

What that means

You probably have an old email account that you opened a long time ago. You now want to switch to Gmail, but still want to keep your old emails and contacts. Within Gmail, you go to SettingsAccounts and ImportImport. There, you enter your old account details. In a matter of seconds you are migrating your data to your new email account.

Such an efficient and useful tool has piqued your curiosity. You look further and notice that the Gmail interface mentions that the import is carried out by ShuttleCloud.

Google is not the only company that trusts our technology. Comcast, Yahoo!, GoDaddy, Time Warner Cable, Harvard and Stanford currently use or have used in the past our APIs and services. Across all our clients we migrate more than 3 million contacts and 30 million emails every day.

How we do it

We're based in Madrid. Our team is small, but we’ve achieved great things, and we're especially proud of our client list!

Among other technologies, we use Python, CouchDB, MySQL, and Docker. We deploy to GCE using Ansible.

What we expect from you

We’re looking for an ambitious software engineer willing to help us further improve, maintain and expand our migration platform according to technical and business requirements. This might also include working with new customers or architecturing new products.

Your job will also include dealing with legacy components that need to be updated and migrated with minimal impact to the production services.


  • Be a respectful and communicative person.
  • Solid technical background, especially in regards to the design of scalable architectures, software testing and automation.
  • Experience using Cloud Infrastructure.


You have previous experience with:

  • Docker and/or Kubernetes
  • Python and Django
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • RabbitMQ or any other message broker
  • Google Compute Engine

What you can expect from us

We will treat you as a responsible person and you will have a lot of freedom regarding schedule, vacations and work style. We believe in a healthy work-family balance — some of our teammates are superb moms and dads!

We will pay for your private medical insurance (Adeslas), which includes dental care. We’ll buy a top of the line computer and monitor for you. We have a budget for books, as well as attending and organizing conferences. Finally, we take care of lunch and snacks, every day.

Every team member has an influence on the whole company. Everyone contributes, and when something needs to be changed, anybody can bring it up and we will all fix it. We are committed to attacking challenging problems: learning is always part of the job description.

Our Madrid office is beautiful, cozy and well located, next door to Circo Price — right between Atocha and Embajadores.

  • Saa S

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