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Software Engineer - Python in London


70,000 - €80,000
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Job Description

We are keen to hire an experienced, curious, and enthusiastic team member to build something epic. We're going to be growing the team over the coming few months and you will be tasked with the management of them and the backend workflow.

**This may be your dream job if you**

* Consider yourself an expert in Python (we use 2.7)
* Have managed people in an engineering team before
* Have a strong background in back-end development environments.
* Love to learn new technologies fast and to pivot as our team evolves our projects.
* Pride yourself in writing pythonic solutions.
* Love to work with open source software.
* Are self-led but highly aligned with your team; we develop fast, and align daily.
* Desire to be constantly learning new things and can make impactful decisions about new technology.
* Love to geek out and have opinions on things like Elixir, python 3 advances, and why people ask to reverse binary trees in interviews...

**Hopefully you’re comfortable with these**

* Cloud computing platforms, e.g. AWS, Google Compute Engine (App Engine).
* Git for source control.
* The right technologies for the problem at hand. We're flexible and open to change.
* owasp top 10

** FAQ **

* Q: Tell me about your back end?
- A: Python, Webapp2, ndb, Google App Engine. We need to squash the tech debt (refactoring queries to speed up, etc.) and you'll head this up.

* Q: Tell me about your Team/Process/QA's.
* A: We're early stage, so you'll have a strong part in forming our back end test processes. We're ramping up our dev team over the next few months as we've got some epic projects that need building.

* Q: Remote work?
* A: For the right candidate, if it's a good fit :) Salary shown is for London onsite.

* Q: Can you hook me up with a Visa? *
* A: Sorry, not at this time.


If this is you, please reach out ( with a link to your portfolio and a little bit about you.


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