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Software Engineer in Paris


30,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

What we do:

We are building a mobile cloud gaming solution, allowing everyone to play any mobile game (even the most demanding) on any smartphone (even the oldest) … in just one click.

Where we are now:
Our technology has already been showcased and acclaimed. We now need some reinforcements to go live.

Why and how we do things:

We are deeply convinced that Fun & Meaning are very powerful when you combine them. 
We want to build a fantastic technology, but that also serves society. That’s why we’re called CareGame: our solution structurally supports charities, enabling gamers to become heroes in the real world, unleashing the power of #PlayForGood. We’re very pragmatic dreamers.
We do things seriously without taking ourself too seriously.
We worship balance in many different ways, and we have a bias for action.

Skills needed:

We are looking for developers proficient in C and RUST, and mastering at least one of the following field (the more the better):
- Networks (protocols, architectures)
- Databases (replication, partitioning, sharding)
- Video Compression
- GPU Accelerated Processing
- Device Drivers
- Virtualization and Emulation (ARM, X64) under various Operating Systems
- Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure)
- Android (Kernel, Apps)

Where: Paris (Station F)
When: September 2019

Contract type: salary contract, from 60% a week to full-time

(Heavily) recommended hobby: big fan of (mobile) games 🕹️📱👾

If you are not proficient in C and RUST, or if you cannot relocate, please do not apply.


About CareGame

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