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Software Engineer in London


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Job Description

As a software engineer you can expect to work alongside passionate language-agnostic professionals who pride themselves in delivering unmatched business impact through the use of emerging technology. Our current tech stack includes AWS, Postgres, Node, Serverless, Ember and Android, but is still in the formative stages, so you can expect to take an active role in shaping and adapting this as we face new business challenges.

Every successful candidate will bring something new to the team which inspires the rest of us to challenge our own assumptions and encourages us to develop as better software engineers; this may be a passion for MVC development patterns, or something seemingly unrelated such as modal logic: we recognise that diversity is essential to generating out-of-the-box solutions to difficult problems, and as such, appreciate non-traditional paths to software engineering!

Core Values:

  • Diversity of opinion and rational discussion will surface better solutions

  • Success occurs when the team succeeds, not the individual  

  • Constructive criticism is an opportunity for improvement not belittlement

  • Every team member is a contributor, and is due the respect and courtesy as such

  • Personal integrity and honesty are valued at all times


Required Abilities:

  • Comfortable working at a conceptual level (understanding business objectives)

  • Comfortable staring deep into the abyss of ambiguous / evolving requirements

  • Provides constructive feedback when offering criticism or challenging assumptions

  • Able to self-reflect and identify areas for improvement

  • Strives for improvement every day

  • Gets-shit-done


Required Skills:

  • Solid programming fundamentals (often obtained with a top-tier computer science degree and 2-3 years of professional programming experience)

  • Fluency in at least one core technology in our current stack


Bonus Points:

  • Production experience with transactional SQL

  • Production experience with Node.js and/or Serverless

  • Production experience with micro-/nano-service architectures

  • Production experience with modern front-end .js frameworks (Ember, Angular, React, Vue, etc.)

  • Production DevOps/SRE experience with a recent AWS stack

To Apply:

Send a GET request to http :// / v1 / recruitment and follow the instructions. You'll need to traverse 3 API calls to submit your application (should take ~5 minutes); You can use the following reference code: TKZND0


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