Software Engineer - Full-stack in Barcelona

Happy Scribe

45,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

We’re looking for someone extremely excited to solve one of the biggest problems of this decade.

We're Happy Scribe, a 100% bootstrapped startup based in Barcelona, working on one of the fundamental problems of this decade: speech-to-text technology.

After conducting thousands of user interviews in our first year, we understood that the common approach to this market was broken. Most companies focus on how they provide their service rather than what users really need. We found that users' key concerns were about what they would do with their transcription, the workflow behind the text file: for example, Journalists, Researchers and Video-Editors all use it in different ways.

We decided to build something different: a multilingual and frictionless platform for transcription and subtitles through our machine-generated and human-made services.

Our goal is to build a platform that standardises and productises the way people interact with transcripts and subtitles while seamlessly integrating our users' workflows.

Started in 2017, Happy Scribe has been used by +1M users, transcribing +60 years in audio and video content. We're a tiny team of 9 at the moment, growing fast and profitable and we're building the team thoughtfully and with a lot of care.

In the next 10 months, we want to launch 21 more languages in our professional transcription offer. This will lead to complex scaling issues to maintain speed & quality. This is where we need your help.


What will be your mission as a Full-stack Engineer at Happy Scribe?

  • Build product features from start to finish. You'll wear many hats during the creation process while you conceive, design, implement, ship and maintain them — think features to improve the editing experience.

  • Build the scalable infrastructure needed for the transcription of the future — like identifying coupling and extracting concerns into small and scalable services.

  • Improve the performance, reliability, and efficiency of our systems — for example finding bottlenecks in the transcription pipeline and optimizing them to reduce overall turnaround time.

  • Design and implement processes and internal tools with simplicity and productivity in mind — such as a tool to sync valuable user feedback with the internal database.

This might be for you if...

  • You're a hacker. Your sharp view of what's the bottom line allows you to duck-tape systems at a speed that wouldn't seem possible.

  • You work close to the metal. Deep Learning is an engineering problem as much as a research problem. You make things fast and know UNIX well.

  • You're unfazed by the "boring work" because you understand the ultimate goal is maximising impact.

  • You care about the business implications of anything you build. You don't go after the shiny stuff, but see it as a balance of craft, speed, and the bottom line.

  • You can learn most technologies as you go. You're pragmatic about them, it's about the tools and tradeoffs, not ideologies.

  • You love steep learning curves, and are not afraid to learn about subjects that are outside of the comfort zone.

  • You get things done. There are lots of people who are really excited about tons of things. Only some of those are excited about completing things.

  • You care a great deal about your work. When something is off it's almost offensive to you.

Bonus: You're excited by someone buying gaming GPUs, which are 10x cheaper than datacenter GPUs, and building an in-house rack that enables large-scale training for a frugal startup.


Our Hiring Philosophy

Happy Scribe is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome all applications from all people and all walks of life.

We’re excited about people who are already experts in their fields as well as people who are not yet specialised but show high potential. By “high potential” we mean people who have demonstrated the ability to ramp up quickly in a new domain and produce results.

We are not credential-driven—rather, we want to understand your unique background and what you can contribute to our team.


💰 Competitive salary and equity.

💻 The hardware that you need to be most productive.

✨ Beautiful office in Gràcia, one of the best areas in Barcelona. Our offices are much more than just a place to work. We like to see them alive 24/7, filled by friends and creative activities. Want to organise a community event, a breakfast with other designers, developers, etc.? The place is yours. Office pool included.

✈️ Team Retreats — So far we've been to Paris, Mallorca, the Pyrenees, Aran Islands, Dublin and Sweden...

🏖️ Flexible vacation time.

🍽️ Some fancy dinners.

📚 1 book/mo + e-learning platforms of your choice — we truly want you to learn.

🕊️ Happy Scribe is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome all applications from all people and all walks of life — variety is the spice of life!

🇬🇧 English-only speaking environment.

🚚 Relocation help — we'll help with your relocation costs and getting set up in Barcelona.

💌 Want to learn more about our data engine, values, team and more? Check out this page.

About Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is the go-to platform for transcription and subtitling needs. We’re on a mission to solve speech to text technology by building a multilingual and frictionless platform for transcription and subtitles through our machine-generated and human-made transcription & subtitling offering.

Started in 2017, Happy Scribe has been used by +1 million users, transcribing for them +60 years of audio and video content.

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