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Software Engineer, Core/Engine in Paris


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About us

Zenly started in 2011 as a small team of passionate designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs gathered around the idea that frictionless location sharing is the next mobile commodity. Our R&D has brought us to release the best location sharing app in the world ;)

And now, Zenly is the mobile application that lets you instantaneously see where your friends are. We believe that making maps more social and personalised is our opportunity to improve the way people live, communicate and share moments together. Our product empowers people to find themselves, enjoy improvised moments and have fun together.

We’re looking for a Backend Engineer to join us at Zenly! Working from our Paris, France headquarters, you’ll play a key role in building and shaping key features that millions of Zenlyers will use every day!

Our office is big and comfortable with a fully equipped kitchen (including unlimited snacks and drinks), rest areas and sound isolation booths. Everyone at Zenly is provided with a spacious desk and top of the line computer and phone to help you build your own workspace.

We also offer a great package to all our employees including:

  • Advantageous health coverage extendable to your family
  • Public transport reimbursement
  • Weekly lunch (and regular french pastry for breakfast!)
  • Flexible time off policy
  • Handling of relocation/visa procedure


You have bags of experience in backend development. Ideally, you have practical experience in either Go. You don’t mind the occasional translation of someone else’s proof of concept into a production ready masterpiece, enjoy bringing new ideas to the table and thinking outside the box. You have a natural interest in low level programming and distributed systems. You like to track down every memory block your programs use and have been known to fool around with your CPU’s stack register.

  • Work on the APIs and backends that power Zenly
  • Work on the library that powers the Zenly App on iOS and Android, on device and with Go
  • Develop and architect data pipelines from the devices to the backend clusters
  • Use reverse engineering to further understand the platforms and better energy efficiency
  • Work with the Product and Mobile teams to construct APIs and data models for the new features
  • Be part of a strong tech team, where your contribution will be fully valued.
  • Carry out code reviews to guarantee code quality


  • Strong experience with distributed systems
  • Strong experience with low level system architectures and designs (bootloaders, kernels, TPM…)
  • Strong experience with high performance systems
  • Strong knowledge of OS and CS concepts (threading, event loops, schedulers….), preferably on Linux


  • Cryptography experience is a plus
  • Mobile software experience is a plus
  • Reverse engineering experience is a plus

Our keywords: Go, GoMobile, C, C++14, ScyllaDB, Cassandra, Protobuf, gRPC, ASM, JNI, Bazel, QUIC, Kafka, NATS, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus


We are more interested in your experiences and projects, past and current, than your résumé. We'd rather hear about these and what you think you'll bring to the team. GitHub and Twitter usernames are also useful to share. All applications should be made in English.


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