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Software Engineer in Berlin


40,000 - €75,000
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Job Description

We are a Berlin-based company working on a blockchain-based solution for responsibly sourcing conflict-free minerals. Conflict minerals are metals that come from at-risk areas of the world and fund human rights abuses such as civil war, slavery, and child labor. Our aim is to use a tokenized system to help companies eliminate conflict minerals from their supply chain.

We're looking for a front end developer skilled in java and node.js

- Expereince leading software development teams.
- Expereince with executing a project from concept to product.

Experience with cryptography, blockchain development, and consensus algorithms are a big bonus.

What We're Building

Conflict minerals come from mines owned by warlords and criminal organizations, funding civil war, slavery, and child labour. Companies have legal obligations in the US and shortly in the EU to source their minerals responsibly but this is nearly impossible without an appropriate tracking system.

Minespider gives certification tokens to responsible mines which are passed up the supply chain so that purchasers of these documented minerals can demonstrate their money went to responsible sources.

We also will expand our certification protocol to other fungible commodities such as palm oil and organically grown vegetables.


About MineSpider

  • Blockchain

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