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Software Engineer in Barcelona

Invoice Sharing

35,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

InvoiceSharing is a 4 year old startup company. We won various international innovation awards that we are very proud of. Some examples are the Deloitte Fast 50 Most Disruptive Innovator Award 2014 in The Netherlands and the Fintech50 nomination in London, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Over the last two years we built a platform, which was audited in 2014. A new era now starts with an expected rapid international growth of the platform. We are planning to grow the team from the current 7 people to more than 20 over the next year. We expect a significant growth of number of businesses using InvoiceSharing.

InvoiceSharing has two goals: Making businesses successful by helping them to lower the cost of administrative processes and improving cash flow. We use the distribution of electronic invoices as an excuse to do so. We are not an electronic invoicing platform, but connect all players in world of electronic invoices: Accounting software and invoicing platforms. Our platform speaks all languages and distributes invoices from system directly to another system.

We do this for free! In addition we sell premium products for great things you can do with an electronic invoice to become successful. These premium products are mostly products from third parties (on our market place) and include reporting, automation of invoice processing, invoice financing.

We get excited when we are successful in making other businesses successful and lower their costs and improve their cash flow. That’s why we exist!

If you share this passion for helping businesses, making in-efficient processes efficient and want to make it available for any business (small and large), InvoiceSharing may be the perfect place for you to work.

We look forward to your application!

Vincent Prooij - CTO and co-founder  & Jeroen Volk - CEO and co-founder


As a Developer at InvoiceSharing, you will be part of the Development team that is headed by CTO Vincent Prooij (age 37). The team is further headed by 2 experienced developers that helped building InvoiceSharing from day one (age 33 and 30). For a big international and exciting project we are hiring more developers to join our team. From medior (5+ years) to guru’s (10+years).

The Development team is responsible for the development of the InvoiceSharing application (back-end and front-end), system integrations and technical work on the supplier on-boarding. In addition, the Development team supports internal IT infrastructure and works together with AWS, where we are running our cloud platform.

As a Developer, you will be assigned to projects in the different area’s, and you will follow a structured development process. As a company we work with Rockefeller Habits, a methodology for fast growing companies. Every quarter the priorities are determined, and every week there is a progress meeting. Every day there is a standing daily huddle where you share your top 2 priorities of your day with the colleagues and tell us if you have issues or are stuck with something.

The development projects work according SCRUM with sprints of 2 weeks, depending of the team. Our internal focussed team mainly manages the changes on the platform based on the quartely goals. On the customer focussed team you work with the operational team and customer. During your work on the projects you help setting the direction of where we want to grow to as a technology company.

You will be writing your code for our platform This is a cloud solutionon running at AWS using Linux, Nginx, Aurora (MySQL compatible database) and PHP Stack. We use the Laravel framework, in combination with Vue.js and Bootstrap. We are in the process of changing the application to a microservice architecture, where the different services will communicate using RESTful APIs.

You love working with developers that are aware of the latest trends in the tech world and you are open to adopt new technologies. You expect to share these with the rest of the team.

The code you write is very likely to make hundreds of thousands of business successful. You are building a high-available, high-scalable and secure InvoiceSharing platform. You are determined to help businesses around the world, big and small, with cost savings in the invoice process and by resolving cash issues.

Skills & Competencies

  • PHP (>=7.0)

  • DDD

  • CQRS

  • Docker

  • Laravel

  • Rabbitmq

  • Unit testing

  • Integration testing

  • Functional testing

  • AWS

  • No-SQL database

  • Vue.js

  • Bootstrap

  • RESTful API

  • MySQL

  • Git

Living Our Core Values

You can learn a lot of things in life, and we are constantly learning.

Your Core Values are unique to     you. That is what you believe, and ‘is you’. You cannot learn Core Values. At InvoiceSharing we believe in bringing people together that share the same Core Values. Our Core Values stand for BEST: Be loved, Exceed expectations, Smart innovation and Team up.

Be loved

  • Walk the talk.

  • Do what you say, and say what you do

  • Differentiate and inspire

  • Integrity towards customers and colleagues

  • 4 words => Integrity, accountable, communication, equal

Exceed client expectations

  • You want to exceed expectations in everything you do

  • Surprise with unique performance

  • Ask proactively for feedback

  • Listen 80% of the time, talk 20% of the time and understand what is important

  • 4 words -> Ask, listen, exceed, communicate

Smart Innovation

  • Think different, act different

  • Think outside the usual framework

  • Everything is possible!

  • Think in opportunities, not in problems. Think of 2 solutions for each challenge.

  • 4 words -> solution, innovation, YES, result

Team up

  • Working together gives you energy

  • Learn from others

  • Successful together and share success

  • Feedback is a ‘present’, not critic

  • 4 words -> together, positive energy, learn, feedback


  • Fintech

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