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Webfleet Solutions

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Job Description

Do you consider yourself an awesome backend software engineer? Are you looking for new challenges? Do you look for a workplace that cultivates an open mindset? Do you want to grow professionally and expand your career horizons?

At Webfleet Solutions we are looking for people like you. People who want to grow and stretch their limits. People with a "get things done and real" mindset. People who like to take responsibility.

Be part of a real agile team where decisions are taken by the team members (there is truly very little micro-management here). Decide how to get more and more efficient and effective together with your team. Collaborate with them to complete the development lifecycle of a new revolutionary feature and bring it to production. Celebrate the successes together and enjoy some drinks after work.

Get involved into the world of continuous delivery by using tools like Jenkins. Improve your development skills by resolving tough challenges. Get and give code reviews in BitBucket and check your code’s sanity using SonarQube, LINT. Take control of the evolution of your applications by using JIRA and its capabilities for development planning and project management. Stay alert to your application's health by using logs and metrics, ELK and Grafana.

Our next step is evolving product operations. The platform infrastructure will be to move towards CaaS (Container as a Service), based on K8s, and to establish a DevOps model. If you like to take your first steps with cloud technologies or can already bring some experience with containers, pipelines and public or private cloud operations to the table then that will be a great fit. If you are eager to learn, that will also be fine. At Webfleet Solutions we have started the migration to cloud infrastructure. There is a lot to do, a lot to learn and a big topic to contribute to. Join our cloud professionals and shape the future of the platform operations and infrastructure.

Need some more detail about your day-to-day?

Very likely, the activities will be part of daily work:

  • Discuss new features and collaborate with the development and UX team, commercial product manager and product owner to get functionalities specified and implemented.

  • Agree the technical implementation with involved component owners and estimate its work effort.

  • Write great code and do code reviews for other engineers.

  • Implement, test and demonstrate new product features in an agile process.

  • Develop complete sets of functionalities including the backend and frontend.

  • Create new microservices, or migrate existing services, to run on a cloud infrastructure.

  • Work on further usability, performance improvements or quality assurance, including bug fixes and test automation.

  • Watch out for potential security issues and fix them, or better avoid them altogether.

It will help you to be successful if you …
  • have a degree in computer science, or a similar background, or you just have enough professional experience to blow right through all your challenges

  • are a great communicator, analytic, goal-oriented, quality-focused, yet still agile person who likes to work with software engineers; you will interact a lot with architects, developers from other teams, component owners and system engineers

  • have a clear overview of all layers in computer software development, including REST APIs and how to make and integrate them in our products

  • have Java server-side development and SQL and noSQL database knowledge

  • are open to pick-up innovative technologies as needed by the team.

  • have or want to build experience with cloud and DevOps infrastructure (like Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Concourse, etc.)

  • speak English fluently.

Engineering Culture, Values and What to Expect from Us
  • As a successful candidate, you will join an international team of technically highly skilled and engaged engineers. They went through the same selection process as you did, so you can expect to join a high-caliber team.

  • You will embark on an adventure in product engineering within a growing and changing business. Our product and engineering teams are based in five different European locations, and our standard business language is English.

  • You will (have to) learn a lot about our business, our technology stack, and the service platform. You will learn from the formal training we provide for new joiners, your co-workers, and from our documentation and wiki. If your needs are more around general technical skills training, you will be able to participate in training courses according to need.

  • Our engineering culture is built upon the values of the agile manifesto. We strive to enable our teams to become highly productive and autonomous and empower individuals to become their own best selves.

  • For us, engineering has a lot to do with ingenuity. We see engineers as creative problem solvers who enjoy going full-cycle: from problem definition through problem-solving and implementation to solution validation and delivery to users.

  • We value attitudes as proactive problem solving, open-mindedness, a good balance of long-term and short-term thinking, friendly professionalism, walking the talk, taking ownership, and leading your topic or domain.

  • We value steady professionals who are looking to build their careers with us. We prefer to develop and promote our leaders from within, creating various opportunities for professional development and career advancement. We provide a technical and a more organizational career track and opportunities to try both if you are not sure.

  • Expect projects and topics you work on to change fast at times. Expect to be fully responsible for your work and products. This includes all functional and non-functional aspects. Our product engineering teams perform necessary maintenance and technology upgrades for their products and components and are expected to contribute to our scalability and technology roadmap.

Practically Speaking, What’s in It for You?
  • Competitive salary

  • Benefits package in addition to the salary:

    • Private health insurance (including children and partners)

    • Pension Plan

    • Lunch vouchers + free coffee and fruit at the office

    • 500 euros gross to set up your home office

  • Flexible working hours

  • Birthday off

  • Almost no dress code (the only existing restriction is that you are required to be dressed decently and wear shoes on your feet)

  • The office is equipped with a terrace, a table tennis table and foosball

  • Plenty of formal training for new joiners + access to LinkedIn Learning

  • Once you have earned the merits to warrant it, there will be opportunity to attend trainings and conferences on company budget.

  • Annual performance reviews, personal development plans, and as much feedback as you want and can handle through regular 1:1 meetings.

Who We Are

Webfleet Solutions, known as TomTom Telematics until October 1st, 2019, is one of the world’s leading telematics solution providers, dedicated to fleet management and connected car services. With our Software-as-a-Service solution WEBFLEET we are helping more than 50,000 customers worldwide to increase their fleet efficiency by improving vehicle and fleet performance, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.

As of April 1st, 2019, we are a part of Bridgestone Europe NV/SA (“Bridgestone”), a subsidiary of Bridgestone corporation, the world’s largest tire and rubber company and we are becoming the digital core that is driving the transformation of Bridgestone from a tire company to a mobility solutions provider.

Together with our team of 700 employees in 15 countries we make a difference in the telematics industry while influencing tomorrow’s mobility by developing state-of-the-art-technology and delivering world-class services to our customers. Besides, offering multiple benefits to our employees, we have created an environment that combines a variety of exciting challenges with an international and informal work atmosphere that makes Webfleet Solutions a great place to work.

  • Logistics

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • 500-1000

  • 2004


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