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Job Description

PayFit simplifica la gestión de nóminas y los procesos de RRHH para las PYMES. Es una solución SaaS automatizada para ayudar a los propietarios de empresas y a los profesionales de RRHH a ahorrar tiempo y dinero, permitiéndoles volver a centrarse en lo que realmente importa: sus empleados.

Desde el 2015, nos hemos propuesto apoyar la transformación digital de la gestión de RRHH. Actualmente tenemos una fuerte presencia en Francia y estamos creciendo rápidamente en Alemania, España y Reino Unido. Contamos con 8000 clientes en 4 países, siendo de esta manera una de las empresas de SaaS de más rápido crecimiento en Europa.

Hoy en día, somos más de 1000 empleados en PayFit y todos compartimos cuatro valores fundamentales:

- Cuidar de los demás

- Mantener siempre la humildad

- Buscar la excelencia

- Vivir y trabajar con pasión

About the role:

    • Your mission will be to contribute to the whole development process, from system design to delivery and monitoring.

    • You will:

    • Design, develop, test and maintain robust products for maximum reliability, resilience and scalability with security in mind.
    • Work with a Product Manager & Product Designer on feature development & product initiatives.
    • Participate actively in defining the architecture vision to better support our growing user base and scale accordingly.
    • Maintain a high level of quality through extreme programming (XP) software development methodology, documentation and pairing
    • Share your knowledge through workshops and coaching
    • Promote our engineering culture and best practices

This role is for you if :

    • You have 4+ years of experience as a software engineer and have had exposure to architectural patterns of efficient, large and high-scale systems (Design Patterns, Microservices, Databases...)
    • You are a Problem solver: You are a pragmatic and product-driven engineer who is interested in solving problems and delivering value while taking into account business <> tech tradeoffs
    • You are using Best Practices: You are an organized, rigorous engineer who follows best practices regarding code quality, clean architecture, testing, monitoring, code reviews and CI/CD.
    • You are an Impact Maker: You are creative, passionate about building things and want to help build an innovative product used by thousands of users.
    • You are a Team player: You have good communication skills, are comfortable working in a partially remote team, and can easily work with non-technical colleagues
    • You are a curious, open-minded and motivated engineer who is eager to learn and introduce new tools and methodologies where it can help us grow
    • You are fluent in English

It would be great if you also :

    • Are Event-Driven Architecture and Domain Driven Design aficionado.
    • Have experience in Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud providers (AWS for example), GitOps.
    • Have experience in relational databases (Postgresql for example).
    • Have experience in Javascript, Node JS, React or any front-end framework.
    • Have experience in working with Design systems.

    • We are always looking for the best candidates, so if you think you would be a good fit even if you don't meet 100% of the requirements we would love to hear from you!

Our hiring process

    • 45' interview with a Recruiter
    • 1 hour coding interview (you choose the language and if you prefer to do it at home or live)
    • 1 hour system design interview
    • Meet your future manager


About PayFit

  • Fintech

  • Paris, France

  • 200-500

  • 2015


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