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Software Engineer in Amsterdam


30,000 - €60,000
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Job Description

At Careibu we are aiming to build the best home service platform in the world. We are looking for capable, creative engineers who want to help us accomplish that goal.

How we started
We launched in Amsterdam and grew nationwide. We will be expanding internationally in 2018, starting with Berlin, followed by Brussels and Paris.

Careibu was founded seven years ago in student accommodation by two sisters, Lotte and Anne van Oudheusden. Lotte and Anne have grown the business from their student rooms to a team of ten people which continues to rapidly grow. We are located in Amsterdam Noord (Asterweg), drop by for a coffee and a chat if you are nearby :)

We are proud member of Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living 2016 program, checkout this blog for more information:

Things we are working on
We’re still a small company with an even smaller engineering team. This means you will need to wear many hats in the beginning but it also means there are many interesting challenges ahead that you can specialise in if you like. Broadly we are:
– building a distributed platform, we aim to build a system without a single point of failure;
– migrating from legacy platform which has some interesting challenges;
– building new iOS & Android applications.

Our technology stack
We still maintain a stack built in Angular 1 (web UI), PHP (backend) and MySQL (data), however we are incrementally migrating to a React (web UI), Spring Cloud (backend), and potentially new data stores (e.g. ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Cassandra).

Future Careibu will be a fully reactive distributed system with an underlying infrastructure that ingests most of the complexity of orchestration of application components, relieving us from extensive operational burden.

Since we develop, test, deploy and operate our systems, we do work with other technologies that automate such processes:
– GitHub and GitLab for version control
– Werker and GitLab-CI for application pipelines
– Docker for component packaging
– Ansible for configuration management and small orchestration needs
– Terraform for software defined infrastructures
– We run in AWS and try to make the most use of their integrated services (e.g. ECS and RDS)

You should apply if
– The work we’re doing sounds exciting!
– You want to be involved in building a product that has a social impact
– You have an engineering degree or a proven track record in the field
– You’re interested in distributed systems and writing resilient software
– You’re happy to work by the guidelines of Clean Code
– You have a proactive attitude and are not afraid of failing
- You already live in the Netherlands (remote working and relocation are both not an option)

If you’re unsure about applying or have any questions about the role, team or product, please don’t hesitate to email Anne (

PLEASE NOTE: If you're a recruiter or development company, don't waste your time contacting me. We are not interested for sure.


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