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Software Development Internship in Barcelona

Pivot Analysis

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Job Description

As a Software Development Intern, you will work with the engineering team to build and implement data processing and enrichment pipelines. You will assist in the development of the data storage technologies as well as the inbound and outbound data streams.
You will work with the marketing and sales team to ensure that the user facing products are dynamically updated and connected to the customer accounts. You will also assist in the production of the user facing dashboard and interactive reports.

What We're Building

Pivot Analysis products enable the cataloguing of basketball actions, syncing of that data with video, and aggregating those actions to generate metrics. These steps will enable the following:
-Video-validated team and player scouting and analytics
-Player value evaluation and justification
-Single player analysis and scouting
-Statistical and visual player comparisons
-Streamlined highlight clip generation

  • Saa S

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