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Software Developer in London or Remote


50,000 - €60,000
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Job Description

Form3 is a disruptive startup that connects financial institutions directly to the global inter-bank payments systems.

Our customers include everyone from FinTech, challenger banks, ecommerce gateways and card providers, through to older traditional banks that are trying to reinvent themselves. And with our platform, they can send and receive payments quickly, cost-effectively and reliably via the cloud, with no infrastructure requirements and minimal up-front investment.

And while we are a tech company at heart, we also work closely with banking partners, to provide everything our customers need from a financial, regulatory and commercial perspective.


Form3 is looking for Software Developers who want to be part of building a next generation payment API in the cloud. Our API is built on AWS where all of the infrastructure is defined in code using Terraform. All of the microservices that make up the API are built using Docker containers and deployed automatically using our Travis CI/CD pipeline. The microservices discover each other using Consul and talk to each other through linkerd (service mesh).

We are looking for enthusatic developers who want to learn cutting edge new tech, solve interesting problems and be part of a really great team. There are a wide range of problems to tackle from configuring nginx proxies to writing custom payment routing and handling logic. We believe that the language you write the code in is just how you convey your solution to the computer and the real value is being able to think through a problem.

That is why even though we want you to have experience in an OO language, we do not mind which one (in case you were wondering most of our code is written in Java). The important thing to us is that you have the right mind-set of writing a good test(s) first and then implementing them. We encourage pair programming and value the input from all team members. We pride ourselves in automating absolutely everything we do from the building of the environment on AWS, deploying the code to testing it.

We do not mind whereabouts you are based as we offer the opportunity for our tech team to work remotely. Most of our tech team work this way in fact, by using screen sharing technology to do pair programming. We have found that our team are much more productive that way. If you want to be part of our journey and challenge yourself then do not hesitate to apply.

Here is a list of tools used (we do not expect experience in all of them):

Languages used:

  • Java, Python, Go, Ruby

Some of the tools used:

  • Terraform, Docker, Vault, Consul, Linkerd


We offer a competitive package, including a base salary in line with the market as well as participation in the company bonus pool and EMI stock option scheme.


About Form3

  • Fintech

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