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SLAM Engineer in Barcelona

Scaled Robotics

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Job Description

Digitising construction

Construction technology has not seen any noticeable improvement in over a 100 years. Though architects today are able to design digitally with high precision, we still construct manually using the same techniques that were used over a century ago. This disconnect between digital design and the physical world has led to an economically and environmentally unsustainable construction process, furthermore producing buildings that are energy inefficient.

At Scaled Robotics our mission is to digitise construction. Through the introduction of teams of mobile robots to the construction site that work directly from the 3D model, we bridge the gap between digital design and the physical construction site. This cuts out costly errors and increases quality, transitioning to a leaner manufacturing process.

Backed by our lead investor and industry partner Peri, we are modernising 21st century construction.

We are looking for passionate people to join our team, designing and testing robots for construction.

SLAM Engineer


Working as part of a team to implement SLAM for mobile robots on the construction site. Getting your hands dirty building the first robots for construction, pushing the boundaries of the industry.


  • Implementing graph-based SLAM combining LIDAR and vision in challenging environments.
  • Implementing map building for mobile platforms.
  • Working closely with a broad spectrum of people, including construction professionals to ensure a testable product is being developed.
  • Overseeing onsite evaluation and testing.
  • Integrating SLAM with larger robotics navigation software.
  • Understanding effects of mechanical and electrical design on SLAM system.
  • Take initiative and push the systematic evaluation of algorithms


  • Masters/PhD in Robotics or Computer Vision with experience in SLAM and 3D reconstruction; alternatively comparable industry career.
  • At least 2-3 years experience developing algorithms for graph-based SLAM, pose estimation, visual odometry, probabilistic filtering and sensor fusion.
  • Experience working with graph optimization backends for SLAM solutions (g2o, CERES).
  • Experience working with wide variety of sensors, including RGBD Cameras, stereo cameras, LIDAR and TOF cameras.
  • Experienced Object Oriented Programmer in C++ and Python.
  • Experience with commonly used packages PCL, ROS, Gazebo, OpenCV.
  • Experience with version control (specifically GIT).
  • Experience developing in Linux.
  • Publications at top robotics conferences (RSS, ICRA, IROS) or 3D Vision and CV conferences (3DV, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV) in related areas.
  • Bonus: knowledge of GPU programming.
  • Bonus: Open Source Software development and deployment.

  • Hardware

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