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Job Description

From smartphones to connected cars, location data is changing the way we live and the way business happens. CARTO is the platform that turns location data into more efficient delivery routes, better behavioural marketing, deforestation tracking, and more.

CARTO enables a type of advanced analytics specialized in spatial location. Our platform provides tools for visualization, data management, and analysis of large spatial datasets. We are one of the main contributors to free and open-source geospatial software, like PostGIS or We also run one of the biggest clusters of PostGIS enabled databases in the world.

Backed by leading VC firms Accel Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Earlybird Ventures, and Kibo Ventures, CARTO is poised to lead the Location Intelligence space.

CARTO works with big private organizations like Google, Procter & Gamble, Mastercard, etc., but also with governments and NGOs to fight COVID-19 or climate change. We provide hundreds of grants to different organizations around sustainability and inequality issues. Spatial analytics will be critical for the future of our societies and environment.

With hundreds of thousands of users as of today, we are pioneering a new community of Spatial Data Scientists. Check out our yearly Spatial Data Science Conference.

What are we looking for
We are looking for an experienced Site Reliability Engineer to join our 6-people infrastructure team and help us scale up a product that is already serving millions of requests per hour and terabytes of data. Our infrastructure is changing very quickly towards cloud native technologies. However at CARTO we believe that there are no shortcuts and embracing devops best practices is the only way to reach excellence and build a reliable infrastructure for our customers.

If you like challenges and you consider yourself a 4x4 Engineer, this is your place. CARTO has a hybrid multi cloud infrastructure ecosystem. From cloud servers operated with configuration management and autodiscovery technologies, to auto scaled cloud container services or Cloud Functions. And of course, 400+ PostgreSQL databases running in linux containers using a self developed dynamic resource allocation system.

We are looking for a Linux passionate crazy for squeezing the juice out of cloud instances/containers and at the same time embracing the DevOps culture: writing infrastructure as a code (Terraform), building new pieces using CI/CD (Google cloud build, Github Actions) and writing new tools (Python, Go, Ansible) that help us deliver a great service to our customers.

At CARTO, observability is a first class citizen. If an issue cannot be diagnosed fast, it means that we failed in a previous stage not providing the proper metrics / logs / alerts. If you are kind of obsessed with monitoring systems, come and join us and make the most out of a high traffic environment (grafana, prometheus, elasticsearch, honeycomb, logstash, loki, pagerduty).

The position is open to remote. In fact, we are mostly working remotely right now, but we do have offices in New York, Madrid, and Seville in Spain. So ideally, you would be in a compatible time zone to Central European Time, but we are flexible.

You will

    • First 3 months:
    • Get to know the team members, day to day CARTO way of working
    • Learn how the platform works, open up details of many of the pieces that keep CARTO up and running.
    • You will deploy changes (many times) to the infrastructure via Chef or Terraform
    • You will work on day to day operational tasks, so you get familiar with all the bits and pieces of the infrastructure (monitoring and metrics system, deploys, debugging issues … you name it!)
    • Work on deploying CARTO in cloud marketplaces
    • After 3 months:
    • Start to feel comfortable proposing changes, and applying them (no matter your experience/role, changes go through Pull Request process)
    • Still you will be asking questions. And that is 👍
    • You first round in the Response Team. A two week rotation (business hours) fixing and helping other people with infra related issues.
    • After 6 months:
    • You still ask questions. Hopefully you will never stop.
    • You know many details about the platform
    • If interested you are participating in the oncall rotations, 24/7
    • You are not afraid to get your hands dirty, no matter the nature of the task.
    • You are able to debug, triage and fix production impacting issues.
    • You will work in mid / long term projects, which may involve joining forces with other teams, or just working with your Infra teammates and sometimes, even working alone. You should feel comfortable enough working with other people at this stage and at the same time, confident to lead and execute projects on your own.

You offer

    • Willingness to learn
    • Experience in a similar role
    • Everything as code attitude (and experience: Terraform or similar)
    • Cloud Providers experience (we run mostly on GCP, but any is perfect)
    • Linux internals, containers, systemd…
    • Debugging and fixing issues mindset
    • Container orchestration (Kubernetes, DC/OS, any)
    • Database knowledge (Postgres much better)
    • Programming experience
    • A team player, loneliness is not an option

Nice to have

    • NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Go are the main languages we use. Experience with any of those is nice
    • CDN experience. We serve lots of traffic thanks to CDNs
    • Experience migrating legacy infra to “cloud native”
    • GIS and mapping experience
    • Devops best practices

We offer

    • An Infrastructure that is changing and growing every day. You will never get bored and you will learn new topics every week.
    • Competitive, results-based compensation, plus an annual bonus of up to 10% based on company results
    • Contribute to a platform used by top companies around the world. Your work will have a direct impact on our users and clients
    • Access to our Employee Stock Options Plan
    • Private Medical Insurance
    • Every Friday afternoon is Leapfrog time when you will be working on whatever you like related to CARTO: contribute to related open-source projects, create proofs of concept, develop new ideas, etc.
    • A bright, comfortable office, stocked with snacks, good coffee, and even a ping-pong table and cinema :)
To apply

Diversity of identity, perspective, and experience makes us stronger. We welcome you to apply to CARTO regardless of your background, gender, age, ethnicity, orientation, or ability.

About Carto

  • Saa S

  • Madrid, Spain

  • 50-200

  • 2012


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