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Server Developer in Barcelona

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Job Description

We invite server developers to develop secure communication channels.

This will suit you if you care about the quality of the code and the security of user data.

In this position, you directly influence the product, work closely with a talented team, solve complex problems and ship new features to millions of users.


— Comprehensive knowledge of the Unix kernel, network programming, TCP/IP, as well as high availability scalable distributed systems.

— In-depth knowledge of Java, Erlang, C or Python.

— Experience of the architect of major software updates.

— Effective verbal communication.The company is small, so you will be aware of all the developments.

— Engineering degree in Computer Science or a related field.

— Experience in software development for over 5 years.


— Telework: no need to hangout in the office all the time.

— Premium private health insurance plan that includes dental and vision benefits.

— Legal employment in accordance with the laws of the Barcelona.

— Recording of length of service under the Russian Labor Code and full contributions to the Russian Pension Fund.

— A stable large-cap company. Employees can fully concentrate on development of a demanded product.

— Self-respect. We solve real problems, maintain the integrity of solutions and share the results of our work, including the code, with the World.



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