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Senior Software Engineer in Amsterdam or Remote


70,000 - €120,000
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Job Description

Seeking an experienced developer who is capable of working on both frontend and backend. Codecov has ambitious new features that we would like to add which require a more robust backend.

# The Stack
- Docker
- Heroku (current), GCP // Kubernetes (future)
- Python (maybe Rust or Go in the future)
- Postgres // Redis // Minio
- Rendered HTML and Pjax (present), React.js (or other, future)
- Semantic UI
- Enterprise: Docker Compose // Replicated

# Job Objectives
- Refactor and optimize backend code to run quicker and more efficiently.
- Build out new features and tooling.
- Improve product's streamline deployment in production and enterprise.
- Review statistic data to introduce new features and help developers utilize Codecov.
- Join our support channels to assist customers success with Codecov.
- Transition frontend to React.js (or other, like Vue.js).
- Improve UIX design to assist customers in product success.
- Improve user signup flow and project on-boarding.
- Get involved with the OSS community, promoting Codecov and coverage in general.
- Help prioritize and resolve a backlog of GitHub Issues (primarily support related).
- Improve our example repos:
- If desired: attend code conferences and meetups promoting Codecov
- Add new roadmap features, specifically around our "Flags" concept.

# Roadmap
- Create the Codecov CLI to bring Codecov into the terminal.
- Build out Codecov IDE integration with Atom (primary), InteliJ, Sublime, etc
- Optimize support channel by bottlenecking common questions and improving documentation.
- Introduce new languages like Go and Rust to improve the backend processing speed.

# Perks
- Task oriented work, not hourly (not 9-5).
- Live in Amsterdam! Awesome city.
- Company paid conferences tickets, if attending.
- New Macbook and other hardware, if desired.
- Work from home, when desired.
- Vacation whenever, we promote it!
- Netherlands has excellent health care coverage.

# Company Culture
- Small team of 3 people.
- Great culture. Safe workspace. LGBT Friendly <3.
- Respect and focus on work-life balance.

> Important. Please provide your GitHub profile link in the application notes.


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