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Job Description

Scopely is looking for a server engineer who has experience working at massive scale. You will join the team that develops the backend systems that handle over 4 Billion game transactions per week for one game alone. In this role, you will add scalable game features that can support millions of users.

If you love scaling large highly concurrent distributed systems, analyzing run-time optimization, obsessing over uptime and latency reduction, then this is the gig for you.

What you will do

    • Design, develop and deploy server-side features and APIs for Scopely's multi-million user games.
    • Implement services that often generate significant revenue impact for the company. Examples include matchmaking, tournaments, in-app purchasing conduits, etc
    • Ensure that Scopely's games and services maintain high uptime (“three nines”) and low latency (sub 100 and sub 50 millisecond latency).
    • Build modern systems using: Redis, DynamoDB, Kinesis, Spark, AutoScaling, ElastiSearch, etc.

What you need

    • BS in Computer Science or related degree.
    • Comprehension of CS principles: data structures, trees and graphs, object oriented programming.
    • Mastery of at least one OO language - C#, Python, Java, C++.
    • Real, hands on experience building massively scalable server side systems.
    • Have worked with and have a strong understanding of AWS.
    • Understanding and have worked with different database technologies (database tuning, query optimization, NoSQL data modeling), caching solutions, and queue technologies. Several years working on backend technologies.


About Scopely

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