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Senior PHP Developer in Barcelona


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Job Description es un portal nacido en Intercom empresas, líder en España en el desarrollo de negocios en Internet.

Nuestro objetivo

Ayudamos a las personas a encontrar, con rapidez y facilidad, el producto o servicio que necesitan en cada momento. es también una fuente de oportunidades comerciales para los centros del sector.

Nuestros valores
En trabajamos orientados a las personas, creando espacios para el crecimiento y la realización profesional y personal:
-Pensamos en los demás
-Ponemos pasión y alegría en lo que hacemos
-Hacemos grandes cosas con humildad
-Trabajamos con autonomía, aplicando el sentido común

Nuestra evolución

Intercom Empresas dispone de portales similares a en España, Italia, Francia, Polonia, Reino Unido, México, Brasil, Argentina, Chile y Colombia. forma parte de una de las mayores redes globales de generación de peticiones de presupuestos (online y en tiempo real).

Contamos con un equipo proactivo, innovador y ambicioso, que nunca pierde de vista dos de los valores esenciales de nuestro negocio: espíritu de equipo y humildad. Eso sí, nuestro afán de superación no tiene límites, conscientes de que todos sumamos y participamos en el éxito del proyecto.

El departamento People & Talents vela por nuestro capital humano, porque sabemos que es una pieza fundamental de nuestro éxito. Por eso mismo, invertimos recursos tanto en el desarrollo como en el crecimiento profesional.

Seguimos creciendo, por lo que buscamos a los profesionales mejor preparados del mercado que tengan tantas ganas como nosotros de comprometerse con el éxito del negocio y que hagan suyos nuestros valores ¿Eres tú uno de ellos?

Visita nuestro video en

Descripción de la oferta

In we are looking for a Senior PHP Developer to work in the web development team.

If you are passionate about the Internet sector and want to be part of a growing project, keep reading!

You will be responsible for implementing new features, applying best practices of object-oriented programming.

We love technology and keeping up to date with methodologies, practices, architectures and libraries related to development.

But first, how do we work?

  • We are a team focused on high performance working with Agile methodologies. We use mostly SCRUM on a daily basis. We love it and we are comfortable with it (we have a lot of years of experience).
  • We work closely with other tech departments that use Kanban, as well as QA and Systems.
  • Our vices are: Symfony, Composer, Code Refactor…
  • We do unit testing with PHPUnit and functional tests with Behat, it is mandatory in almost all developments. #testing
  • We deploy code multiple times a day (Fridays included, we are sure about our code) #brave
  • The team is open minded and we like exchanging opinions, a good learning method, don’t you agree?
  • We work directly with Product and Design teams.
  • We love programming best practices and clean code.
  • We enjoy Hexagonal Architecture, TDD and DDD.
  • We have weekly trainings (all the team participates) and tech meetings, to be up to date with the current project status.
  • We buy books and go to conferences, we can devote part of our time to reading.

Our offices are located in Sant Cugat del Vallés, two steps away from the FGC station. We are surrounded by green spaces and with Collserola views!!

Have you liked everything we have told you? … we still have more. Our social benefits are:

  • Time flexibility
  • Free fruit, coffee, water, milk, infusions, etc.
  • Medical insurance (after 6 months).
  • English classes with a native English teacher.
  • 15 extra days for maternity / paternity leave.
  • Annual budget to go to conferences and buy books.
  • Discount at Gyms and other businesses.

And it's not over yet, get ready: We have an arcade machine!


Now that you know us, what do we expect from you?

  • To be able to work with Agile methodologies in a team, Union Makes Force.
  • 4 years of minimum experience with PHP (Better if you have worked recently with PHP7).
  • Experience working in object-oriented programming, knowledge of design patterns and best practices.
  • High level of MySQL and query optimization.
  • Ability and willingness to learn and teach.
  • Agility in doing unit testing.
  • Knowledge of Linux environments.
  • Experience working in Symfony projects.

 Desired skills:

  • Knowledge and experience with Hexagonal Architecture and/or Microservices.
  • Apply TDD in developments.
  • Functional testing with Behat.
  • Experience with queue messaging systems (RabbitMQ or similar).
  • Knowledge of Redis.
  • Knowledge of Solr (or similar).
  • Interest in improving the web performance.

  • Ecommerce

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