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Senior Mobile Engineer (Cross-Platform) in Remote or Remote


60,000 - €75,000
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Job Description

In short: Remote full-time position CET +/-3hrs. €60-75k, based on experience, possible stock options package. A very mission-driven team that has a lot of fun while being at it.

About us

We are a tech- & design-driven company based in Berlin, building the next go-to platform for journalism. We want to transform the way journalism is delivered and consumed. Because we believe that quality journalism plays a great role in our lives and society, we want to make it more accessible for everyone.

What we are looking for

We are currently building our first MVP of our mobile app for iOS. We want to have another engineer onboard that can help us bring the app from MVP state into a full-fletched application. We believe that Kotlin and Flutter will allow us to build a great user experience with the small team we are and we want you to help us with that: you will become our first Senior Mobile Engineer and will take responsibility for the entire platform.

This is you

  • You have 5+ years experience in (mobile) application development
  • Experience in Kotlin, Flutter is a plus. We want to work with Kotlin Multi-Platform
  • You have a startup mindset and want to shape a new mobile product from scratch: we are just building our first MVP for iOS, so there is a lot of room for you to bring yourself in!
  • A keen eye for user experience and good knowledge of the Android and iOS ecosystems because we want to build an amazing cross-platform app that looks and feels natural to our users.

💡 We do not expect that you check everything on this list. If some of this applies and you want to grow, gain more experience and create meaningful impact we definitely would love to hear from you.

That’s how we assess

  • First, we'll get to know each other - this is not an interview but a conversation
  • Second, you’ll have to do some coding. We have a small task prepared that you can finish at your own pace in the safe space of your home.
  • Third, we want to see your solution. You're going to demo your application and we will talk about its design. We'll also going to ask some general tech questions.
  • Fourth, you'll meet the rest of the team to get to know each other. We strongly believe that diversity and culture are equally important as our hard skills, so we want to make sure we match.

→ We hope to do this within 2 weeks. Starting time depends on you, as we are ready!

🧒🏼 We know it's difficult to carve out time out off your busy schedules for a coding task when you're a mother, father or any other kind of caregiver. Please mention it in our first conversation, so we can find an individual solution that works for you!

How to apply

Highlight your top 3 or fewer cases that you care about most. Want to start building a relationship with us, 👇

  • How do you like to work within your engineering team, design team and your broader team in general ? And especially when it is remote first?
  • What makes you feel good in your work and what do you need in stressful situations?
  • If you could cancel one food forever and for everyone, what would that be?


About Informed

  • Journalism

  • Berlin, Germany

  • 2 - 10

At informed we believe that quality journalism plays a great role in our lives. It enables us to understand and navigate the world better when we are provided with the right content in the right format at the right time.

We want to transform the way journalism is delivered and consumed to close the existing gap between readers and creators by making it accessible & sustainable.

We are an editorial, engineering & design lead company based in Berlin building the next go-to platform for journalism.

What is quality journalism you ask? It’s not so much about what it is, it’s about what it can be - an accessible source of truth and meaning.

Quality journalism means different things to different people but we’re all really seeking the same things: honest answers to questions that affect us and our communities. Powerful stories that move us and inspire us to be better.

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