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Senior Javascript Developer in Amsterdam


50,000 - €65,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a developer to join our development team as Senior JS developer. Job duties will include building and maintain open-source libraries to integrate with Stream's APIs.

What you’ll be doing

Most of your day will be dedicated to software design, research and coding. You will work on both server-side NodeJS projects as well as React, React Native, Vue.js and plain client-side JS. Most of your projects will be released as open-source and used by our customers.


Stream has a casual social culture, our team is very diverse in age, nationality and we all have different backgrounds. Our team in Amsterdam is very focused, you will see us heads-down coding or drawing complex charts on whiteboards; until we pop up momentarily to have a chat or play merciless games of ping-pong. When it comes to software engineering our culture is oriented towards ownership and quality; our goal is to deliver stable software that focuses on solving only the right problems. While driven by ambitious visions we execute with great pragmatism.

The Work

Working at Stream, you will add new features to the service and find ways to make the existing ones perform orders of magnitude faster. Our customers have millions of users; they use Stream for mission critical features such as showing content and exposing core functionality of their application. Building stable and reliable software is not just an option; as a member of the development team you will design and write state of the art software, follow best-practices, measure everything and be responsible for its deployment to production. You will also spend part of your time talking to our customers and help them to use Stream in their app.


Our Amsterdam office is located in the TQ tech space in the heart of the city. It's a fantastic building with all the amenities you'd expect. There's a cafe upstairs, a shared lunch area and a sports room with table tennis and badminton.

Technology that powers Stream

At Stream we use a wide collection of technologies to offer highly optimized and available features to our customers. Over the years we have experimented with different programming languages, frameworks, databases and libraries. Here's a short list of the technology that we currently use.

- Go, Python, NodeJS
- Django, Celery
- Cassandra, Postgresql, RabbitMQ
- AWS, Puppet, CloudFormation, Vagrant
- Grafana, Graphite, ELK
- Redis, Memcached
- RocksDB

The Hiring Process

1. First contact. We’ll tell you more about the company, the work that we do, and why we think Stream is a great place to work. This is a great time for you to ask us questions. We will also have some basic technical and practical questions to make sure we have a first match.

2. Tech interview. We’ll put you in the same room with our CTO and another team member for an in-depth technical conversations. We are going to challenge your practical abilities in areas like problem solving, web applications, database design and software design in general. You will not have to write code at this time.

3. In-person interviews. At this point we have an good understanding of your technical skills, it that looks like a good fit, we’ll bring you in to meet with the rest of the team.

4. The offer. If you made it this far, we are only a signature away from your first day at Stream!


Stream employees enjoy some of the best benefits in the industry:

- Competitive salary and equity
- Healthy lunches with the rest of the team
- Chance to meet our team in Boulder
- Great espresso coffee and teas
- Office location in the center of Amsterdam
- Be surrounded daily by a team of exceptional engineers
- Opportunity and support to attend and/or present to industry related conferences and meetups
- Opportunity to work on OSS projects


About Stream

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