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Senior Fullstack Developer in Barcelona

Est. Salary
35,000 - €45,000
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Job Description

Credijusto is hiring Senior Full-Stack Developers to join the distributed product and technology team. This is a 100% remote position.

About Credijusto

Credijusto exists to broaden financial inclusion. We strive to be the go-to provider of financial services to Latin American SMEs, starting with Mexico, with products that are superior on price, speed of delivery and quality of customer experience. We serve an extremely complex market, and manage that complexity at scale by building the best possible technological tools and platforms.

About You

You love writing software

There are plenty of good product and technical challenges to work on at Credijusto. We’re looking for motivated developers who like solving hard problems and shipping good software.

You should have experience with:

  • Go or Python (or similar languages)

  • React (or similar)

  • SQL

  • Test Driven Development

We would love it if you also had experience with:

  • Postgres

  • Kubernetes

  • Pair Programming

  • Working Remotely

  • Working asynchronously

You understand product development

You understand product development and its relationship to the business. You’re comfortable balancing delivery speed and functionality. You’re good at prioritization, willing to defer complexity, and happy in an agile process.

You care about your users

You want to understand your users and their problems so you can build products that make their lives a little easier.

What You’ll Do

Here’s a rough idea of how you’ll spend your time in a given week:

  • Solo & Pair Programming: 75-85%

  • Reviewing Pull Requests: 5-10% (less if you pair)

  • Meetings (IPM and Retro): 2.5%

  • Mentoring/Leadership: 5-25% (depending on how much you want to code)


We encourage pairing, but that doesn’t mean you have to pair all of the time. Sometimes, it’s just not possible due to time zone differences.

Code Review

We want teammates to review one another’s code. We find that pull requests against small, clear user stories coupled with thorough, well-written test cases make for easy reviews. We want to keep review time low and minimize the amount of work in progress.


We keep meetings to a minimum, because work rarely gets done in meetings.

Deep Work

We encourage deep work. Sign out of Slack and focus without interruption for at least 4 hours every day if you can. We have escalation procedures to deal with emergencies which means the majority of the dev team is never “on call”.

Mentoring and Leadership

If you like mentoring other developers, or working with the leadership team to set priorities and fix process, there’s plenty of room for that. If you don’t, there’s plenty of code to write too.


We’re building a culture of nice, smart, and hard-working people.

What You’ll Be Working On

This list is a sample of some of the projects under active development at Credijusto. What you’ll work on will depend on your skills and preferences, and on what needs the most attention. In the interest of spreading domain knowledge around, you may rotate through different teams and projects over time.

  • Custom CRM

  • Loan management system

  • Customer loan management tool

  • Customer invoice/declaration processor

  • Risk assessment system

  • Pricing algorithms

  • Automatic data transcription tools

  • Customer facing web and mobile apps

  • Fraud/money laundering detection

  • UX/UI (across several products)

  • Infrastructure and dev tools

  • Security

Pay and Benefits

We offer globally competitive salaries and benefits. We want to hire great people and keep them happy and productive.

Please make sure you provide a link to your portfolio in your resume/application.

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