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Senior Fullsatck Engineer in Madrid


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Job Description

Who we are

Are you looking for a challenge that is going to provide you experience in agile/scrum environments? Are you eager to work with frontend and backend cutting edge technologies? Do you want to learn about the latest technologies involved in the OTT video streaming ecosystem? Do you want to work in an international environment? STARZ PLAY offers you all of these challenges and more!

STARZ PLAY is a subscription video on demand service headquartered in Dubai and available in 19 countries in the MENA region. Our service streams thousands of blockbuster Hollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, kids’ entertainment and dedicated Arabic content to subscribers in the region. This is what makes us the fastest-growing SVOD service in the region.

Job purpose

 As a Senior Engineer, you will be at the cutting edge of how media and technology interact. Your primary role will be to contribute to delivering a superb user experience by executing a product roadmap and maintaining highly engaging and interactive applications for Android, iOS/TVOS, Web, Smart TVs, game consoles, Chromecast and many more devices.

Success in this position will require contributing in the design and implementation of key parts of our frontend apps and backend infrastructure guided by senior members of our engineering teams and collaborating closely with the UX design and product management teams to define innovative UI and functionalities.

 Senior Full Stack Web Engineer Requirements

  • You have deep basic knowledge of the architecture of a web application (client-server, REST API basics, caching systems, basic database knowledge...)
  • Knowledge of memory management
  • Basic knowledge of performance improvement techniques is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of software design patterns is a must, you will have to know when each one fits best in each scenario or problem plus
  • Understanding of UI/UX, CSS related technologies (you are familiar with HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS, JavaScript, JSON/XML)
  • You have good knowledge of Javascript language essential concepts (prototypes, variable scopes...)
  • You are familiar with ES6 and future additions to the ECMAScript standard
  • You are eager to learn about devices that run apps in mainly written in Javascript (Chromecast, Smart TVs, Playstation, Xbox One, Roku,...) and learn to adapt to their limited resources and support to web standards
  • You have an understanding of particularities and specifics of server-side Javascript execution with Node.js
  • Experience with client-side or backend side Javascript frameworks is always welcome (jQuery, Angular, Vue, React, Polymer, Express.js, Koa)
  • Understanding and experience on web app bundling tools like Webpack, Browserify, Clojure
  • Experience with testing tools like Jasmine, Mocha, Jest, Karma, Protractor is a plus

 For all the candidates

  • You are eager to learn/understand video related technologies (over the top streaming protocols, CDN infrastructure, online video platforms, etc)
  • You are willing to earn experience in DRM protected technologies/players
  • You are familiar with TDD approach
  • You feel comfortable working in an international environment
  • You are a team player and open to change with an amazing work ethic and fun and friendly attitude.
  • Understanding and full control over the version control systems like GIT, SVN
  • You have an analytical mindset, problem-solving skills, and basic algorithm understanding
  • You are a self-driven person who doesn’t need someone else to continuously command what to do, you are able to see what comes next based on existing roadmaps and agile methodologies tools.
  • Completing each feature flawlessly is a must for you. You put attention to details and you cover the maximum scenarios in each case.
  • Basic debugging skills are a plus on web browsers and devices (mobile phones, TVs, game consoles...) will be needed.
  • Unit/e2e testing is part of each new software development, indivisible from the rest.
  • You are able to see the parts that must be abstracted from the software to make it more flexible and reusable.
  • You are able to lead or mentor people to help to build an autonomous and productive team.
  • Every piece of software you write is properly documented in a way that is accessible and understandable for anyone reaching your software.

We hire great people for great jobs and we can’t do our new Senior Full Stack Web Engineer vacancy justice on one page so please visit to find out about our story so far and discover where we’re going. We are also on LinkedIn if you want to learn more: https://www.linkedin.

Why work at STARZ PLAY?

At STARZ PLAY we look for BOLD, CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE individuals that have a passion for technology.  We offer a competitive compensation package and an environment that is constantly evolving and exposing you to new market trends and innovations while giving you a chance to contribute to our exciting platform.  If you are a problem solver and visionary thinker then come join us at STARZ PLAY!


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