Senior Frontend Engineer in Barcelona


35,000 - €45,000
0.1 - 0.5%
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Job Description

Fotolog is a well-known social network with 34M users. You will be part of the team that takes on the exciting challenge of reinventing this social network. You will be working on the frontend of our applications using hybrid technologies. You need to have the following qualifications to take on this challenge:

-- Proficiency with React Native and/or VueJS;
-- Decent sense with UI/UX. Although you'll work with a designer, you need to have basic judgement with aesthetics and usability;
-- Quick to learn new things and able to do learn on yourself;
-- Fluency in English; Fluency in Spanish and/or Portuguese will be a plus;
-- Good communicator and friendly to work with.

Your code will impact millions of people, no kidding, so you better be good. Remote work is only okay for a short period of time. You need to join the team at our Barcelona office.


About Fotolog

  • Social Network

Official website, founding date, employees, how did it all begin... Do you know the whole story?

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