Senior Frontend Developer in Madrid


42,000 - €48,000
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Job Description

About us


Jobandtalent is an on-demand staffing marketplace that aims to make the labor market much more liquid and transparent, helping companies to hire in a more flexible way and with the mission of being part of the reduction of the unemployment in the world. We at Jobandtalent have created a Workforce as a Service (WaaS) platform in order to make the labor market flexibilization beneficial for both companies and workers.

Our offices are located in the UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, and Colombia, and we have plans of further expansion to France and Italy by the end of the year.


Our Culture

The culture at Jobandtalent is defined by 4 pillars: Ownership, Agility, Adaptability and Data driven. We define our employees as “Visionary Executors”; dynamic and motivated people that work towards the company’s mission by heavily executing, with creativity and autonomy, an extremely aggressive business plan that will change the way the labor market works. We have created an environment based on trust, transparency, team collaboration and continuous improvement, which has no internal barriers and a flat organizational structure with multidisciplinary teams. Each of our employees enjoys great responsibility, but also flexibility and the opportunity to develop their creativity.

Our offices are equipped with common areas to rest, think and talk, and every Friday we have our update sessions, where we will be talking about our recent goals, accomplishments and how we look into the future as a company.

Jobandtalent is looking for a passionated frontend developer not afraid of moving from one language or technology to a different one.

In this position you will work on the fundations of our frontend design system while helping in growing the enterprise applications used by Jobandtalent customers to effectively manage their workforce. You will face challenges to put in practice and improve your knowledge while helping a team of senior engineers.

We expect you to be part of the current team, to learn from their experience while helping them to rise the high bar, good mood and ambitious levels of the team. Join us to start your career, creating and evolving the technology at Jobandtalent!



  • 5+ years of software development experience, preferably with web technologies.
  • You speak fluent CSS, HTML, Javascript and React.
  • You have heard of what Ruby on Rails is. You have heard of what a relational database like postgres is, what a non relational database like redis is, and what a cloud environment like Amazon Web Services is. You are not afraid on dealing with the command line.
  • You are objective when dealing with challenges. You have a mindset of continuous improvement of yourself and the rest of the team based on your own and others’ feedback.
  • You want to contribute to the good mood of the team. You do like to be part of a group of people that want to achieve a task way bigger than their individual day-to-day work. You like to be involved in a project composed of hundreds of co-workers, both technicals and not technicals, and willing to collaborate with them. You already know that having an awesome work environment is a matter of each one of us and collaborating is key to maintain it.
  • You like to think about the business impact of your work and like to get ownership and hold yourself and others accountable for their work.
  • You master git and the GitHub workflow, which we use extensively at jobandtalent.


These skills are optional but would be a plus:

  • Having some experience in large scale apps.
  • You know your way through Linux servers and app deployments.
  • You're a programming language polyglot and learn new languages and tools for fun and profit, but always choosing the right tool for the job (we like Ruby, Go, Scala, Elixir, …)


Your benefits

  • Working in the wonderful city of Madrid
  • A shiny MacBookPro / Linux machine
  • Everything that you work on here and implement will play an important part in impacting how people get a job and in the market in general, making it a super rewarding place to work.
  • Flexible working hours & remote working
  • Competitive salary in the 42k-48k range depending on experience
  • Equity package
  • Yearly conferences budget
  • Free fruit, free drinks and free lunch on Fridays! (and of course free coffee 24/7)
  • Learn from some of the greatest Engineers, Designers & Product people in Spain
  • You will be building solutions to problems that have not been solved before.


About Jobandtalent

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