Senior Frontend Developer in Madrid or Remote


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Job Description

What will you do?

  • Use your JavaScript expertise to build performant, decoupled, testable, and maintainable front ends

  • Implement an amazing user experience that is a joy to use

  • Use your excellent collaboration and communication skills to:

    • work closely with our Design Team, PM team, and technical experts across the departments

    • collaborate with other teams on cross-department initiatives

  • Use your customer-centric approach to build the right things

  • Create and maintain smooth integrations between Magnolia and popular frontend technologies like React, Next, Gatsby, Vue, Nuxt, Solid, Remix, Svelte etc.

  • Drive the future of our Frontend:

    • Use your technical expertise to drive the architecture and specifications of the new UI initiative

    • Be innovative and push technical boundaries

What do you bring in?

  • Technical know-how:

    • Expertise in Frontend technologies & architecture in large-scale applications, preferably in React, Next, Vue, or web components

    • Expert comprehension of core web and browser concepts

    • Worked either on or with a Design System

    • You know how to build secure and performant Frontend systems

    • You know how to deploy your stuff and understand how infrastructure works (i.e.CI/CD pipelines)

    • Operational experience such as performance metrics and analytics

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Love to make things

So, who are we?

  • Bright, fun, and open-minded colleagues spread across the globe

  • Lateral and vertical growth opportunities

  • Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility

  • Aside from work, we are parents, gamers, bookworms, athletes, adrenaline junkies, philosophers, and so much more.

We are for you if you like to...

  • Take charge: Everyone at Magnolia is in the driver’s seat and we set the direction according to what our customers, colleagues and culture need. No matter the roadblocks you see ahead, you take charge in (re)shaping the destination.

  • Connect: You never drive alone. Building meaningful connections means creating experiences together that form a foundation of trust so next time there’s a bump in the road, you know someone else has your back

  • Be you: Choose your own ways and means. We thrive on making every perspective count so that you feel safe enough to follow your purpose and at the same time pursue one common goal. Our way of growing is to mutually question ourselves and others.


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