Senior Drupal Developer in Barcelona


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Job Description

  • 3yrs+ Drupal experience

  • Abilities in, or willingness to move into Full Stack development (js / css / php)

  • Significant number of commits (or evidence to prove senior experience in coding style and integration with the community)

  • Evidence of working in Open Source

  • Evidence of following (or better informing!) best practice development approaches

  • Fluent using Github / pull requests

  • Able to work on EU and US clients (GMT+1 & EST time zones)

  • English speaking to a professional level


Personally, you are:

  • A team player rather than a solo dev. You know the benefits of pair programming, working together on a task and peer review.

  • More keen to work with people than just screens.

  • A student and a teacher, ready to share knowledge among the team and engage others to help educate yourself.


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